News translation about Seung Gi’s appearance on ‘YHY’s Sketchbook’

Reposted from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Source: NATE
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: 小九 (Xiao Jiu)
Translated from Chinese to English: @YulingSG/

Lee Seung Gi commented a little about You Hee Yeol's sense of variety on his appearance in '2 Days and 1 Night'

On 27th November, Lee Seung Gi recorded KBS 'You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' and for the first time, he presented his mini album's title song 'Turning Back' live.

'Turning Back' is a collaboration between Lee Seung Gi and Epitone Project, with a serene and gentle melody, a presentation akin to a poem, "healing music" which brings calmness to people's hearts, who are living in a complex world.

And through the collaboration this time, Lee Seung Gi wrote and composed "Words That Say I Love You" has also cemented/certified his ability as a composer. With regret, Lee Seung Gi expressed that "I actually wanted to show it as a drama OST".

When Lee Seung Gi was asked by You Hee Yeol about his song writing style, he said "It's a style like shooting balls on ground level", "A tune hummed without musical instruments". Then You Hee Yeol suggested "Let's compose a tune now", Lee Seung Gi pondered for a little while and hummed a tune immediately.

That tune is none other than a part from You Hee Yeol's "I Lived Beside You For A While", he only changed the ending tone a little and sung it. There was an explosion of laughter from the audience but Yoo Hee Yeol couldn't hide his own pride.

However, You Hee Yeol immediately countered with his own music style on Lee Seung Gi's "Because You're My Woman". Lee Seung Gi and You Hee Yeol's music composing battle made the live atmosphere even more warm.

Recently, You Hee Yeol made an appearance on KBS2 "Happy Sunday" – 2 Days and 1 Night asked Lee Seung Gi who was a sunbae from '2 Days and 1 Night' whether he watched (that episode). Lee Seung Gi answered wittily, "At that time, I was on another program running, I didn't watch", causing everyone to break into loud laughter. Lee Seung Gi appeared on SBS "Running Man", which was airing in the same slot (as '2 Days and 1 Night').

And then Lee Seung Gi complimented You Hee Yeol, "I watched the rerun of '2 Days and 1 Night after that, although it's the first time but you adapted very well, I'm very surprised".

You Hee Yeol's Sketchbook will be broadcast on 30th November.

I can't wait to live stream the show later, I think it will be broadcast at 00:15a.m. KST?
By the way, the name of YHY's song was translated literally from Chinese because I couldn't find the Korean title on the internet, I hope it's as close as possible to the original. ^^


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