Seung Gi as a special guest at Epitone Project’s Concert (8th December 2012) – Bits of speech trans

Shared by juiling1130 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Source and translated from Korean to Chinese by : seunggijin weibo
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

When Seung Gi sang 'Because You're My Woman', to one's surprise, everyone sang together…Cha Se Jung-nim said, "From the back, I was caught by surprise.".

Ahya, it was he who stretched his mike towards the fans, requesting to sing along. At such a quiet atmosphere, he also had the courage to stretch out his mike, look at his little expression when stretching his mike out, he's too cute. Check out the GIF below.

Seung Gi: Actually, it's not a song for me, but I ran into the studio and requested to take a look at the songs in the computer, right?

Cha Se Jung: …ermmm…(you) wanted to flip through personally..after listening to two sentences, then (you said), "Hyung, give me this…give me this".

Seung Gi: At that time, I thought that just any song is already of this standard. And if I take this song, this coming album of mine will be awesome. Definitely there would be even more better songs, in the end, that song was the best.

After Seung Gi sang his first song and after both of them chatted on stage for a while..

Cha Se Jung: Seung GI can really talk, if i carry on talking, I'll be exhausted, ahya ahya (gets ready to go down)

However, Seung Gi totally didn't understand what Cha Se Jung meant and carried on talking for a long time, like how Seung Gi actually wanted Cha Se Jung to be his special guest. But once Cha Se Jung heard that there were 10,000 over people, he didn't want to participate in it anymore and like how the concert would be too quiet, how (people might be) listening attentively without any breathing sound, even thinking that he was singing alone with the lights turned off and Seung Gi said that it was nice meeting hyung on stage at the end of the year.

Cha Se Jung hurriedly said, "Thank you, Seung Gi being invited here is hard to come by, please sing 1 more song. (Wishes to go down once again)

Seung Gi: I think that selecting songs is very important. If I were to sing 'Let's Go On A Vacation', it would be too quiet ah. After thinking for very long, I decided to sing 'Because You're My Woman'.

Cha Se Jung: I know/I understand.

Seemed like Seung Gi hadn't finished talking, after Cha Se Jung went down the stage, he started interacting with the audience once again. He said, "Ah? There are people on the 2nd level? This gave me a fright. Why is the 2nd level so quiet?"

Seung Gi: Stand closer to me, haha.

Cha Se Jung: Seung Gi wears casual clothes in the studio everyday. Standing together like this, I've become smaller. (Meaning that the contrast is obvious)

Seung Gi: It's the first time that we're meeting with make-up on, I'm also in the middle of getting used to it. Before this, we've always been meeting each other early in the morning with haggard faces.


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