Translation – Praises about Seung Gi from a Korean pop culture critic and blogger

Source: Park Ji Jong, a pop culture critic and blogger at
Shared and translated from Korean to Chinese by: dlww1234 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

P.S: I've only translated the bits related to Seung Gi.

Number 1 for a long time, this era's top artiste Lee Seung Gi

Personally, if I were to choose our nation’s top multi-entertainers, they are Im Chang Jeong and Uhm Jung Hwa for male and female respectively. No matter what, these 2 are definitely the pioneers of Korea's multi-entertainers.

For a long time, I've been wondering who the successor for these 2 artistes will be. Because there will definitely be someone who is able to 'ascend' the throne of Korea's true multi-entertainer. Lee Hyori has reached the edge but because of acting, unfortunately she couldn't become the top multi-entertainer.

As it turned out at this time, a person who was able to become Korea's top entertainer appeared. That's Lee Seung Gi. Of course from the beginning, Lee Seung Gi has been called the "Emperor", he's the top artiste. However, as compared to his impact on variety and dramas, it's a fact that his presence in the field of music is lacking.

It can be said that everyone knows about Lee Seung Gi's dramas, they have achieved tremendous success. The ratings for 'Brilliant Legacy' has even surpassed the impossible of 40%. It's also the same for Lee Seung Gi's variety shows. The glorious days of the national variety show '2 Days and 1 Night' were spent together with Lee Seung Gi. Of course, as a variety show host, Lee Seung Gi is also the best. While hosting 'Strong Heart', he showed exceptional abilities. He being known as the best variety show host, people would not disagree at all.

The problem is music. Lee Seung Gi's music has garnered a considerable amount of love. It has also achieved many number 1 spots. But the strange thing is whenever Lee Seung Gi is mentioned, (the song) that comes to mind first is 'Because You're My Woman'. Even with 'Will You Marry Me?', such a Big Heart song, it's also the same. Obviously as a singer, Lee Seung Gi is very successful but as compared to him being an actor or a variety show host, the presence of Lee Seung Gi is relatively smaller.

However, Lee Seung Gi's new album this time, 'Forest', has certified the presence of singer Lee Seung Gi clearly. While the first half of the year has been (dominated by) 'Busker Busker', the second half was Lee Hi's singing sphere, resulting in 'First half – Busker Busker, Big Bang, Second half – Lee Hi, Lee Seung Gi'. Like this, it can be looked at more broadly. Lee Seung Gi's presence has increased significantly. The long run domination (on the charts) has even made everyone look at Lee Seung Gi with newfound admiration.

Singer Lee Seung Gi, actor Lee Seung Gi, variety show host Lee Seung Gi

Until now, there's no other artiste who can do what Lee Seung Gi has done. It's also the same for Im Chang Jeong and Uhm Jung Hwa. In terms of this, Lee Seung Gi is indeed the top multi-entertainer and at the same time, he's also the "Emperor" in Korea's showbiz now. This is also the reason for his increasing value. With the passage of time, this figure Lee Seung Gi will definitely occupy a greater part in Korea's showbiz.


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