Description of Seung Gi on ‘2 Days and 1 Night’ on a Chinese magazine

Shared by: 1光年的距離 (1 Guang Nian De Ju Li) from (2 Days and 1 Night baidu)
Source: A Chinese magazine under the section of 'Let's Go Travelling'
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Among the MCs, Lee Seung Gi as an idol singer and actor, was one who was the least equipped with wildness qualities. He looked like he ought to be acting in more elegant programs and not entering the water or sleeping outdoors on '2 Days and 1 Night'. However, against all expectations, Lee Seung Gi lasted to the very end on '2 Days and 1 Night'. Since his first appearance on the show, he had never been absent, never hesitated about entering water once. Regardless of whether it's doing embarrassing stuff or sleeping outdoors, he didn't bear the burden of an idol at all. During traveling once and thanks to imitating PD Na Young Suk's catchphrases, he exhibited his comedic power vividly. If there wasn't an occasion where '2 Days and 1 Night' collaborated with a radio show, Lee Seung Gi's initial feelings when participating in the show wouldn't have been revealed. During that segment, Lee Seung Gi talked about his feelings of distress when he first joined the variety show and his gratitude for his hyungs on '2 Days and 1 Night'. On the show, no matter what he did, he received praises, he didn't have to act as a 'villain', he didn't have to go all out to try to be funny and he could be loved by the viewers. On '2 Days and 1 Night', It can be said that Lee Seung Gi was the one who gained the most. During the shooting period of '2 Days and 1 Night', Lee Seung Gi has become a 100% ratings artiste from a raw actor. At 20 years old, he took part in '2 Days and 1 Night', he left at 25 years old and he spent a few of his birthdays during its shooting and just as what he said himself, "The best of my 20s was spent together with '2 Days and 1 Night'".


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