Translation from Seung Gi’s Photo Essay Book – Page 89, 91 and the page after page 100

Shared and translated from Korean to Chinese by:   
dlww1234   at  (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Scans by:  瓜瓜  (Gua Gua)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

An old-fashioned piano and
Yoo Jung really smiled very brightly.
That day was really very cold.
They embodied the warm feeling of that time
remaining at that place.

Thank you. To the old-fashioned piano and Yoo Jung.

~Pages 94 to 97 consist of the lyrics for 'Return/Turning Back', 'Forest', 'Words That Say I Love You' and 'Invitation To Me' respectively.~

Up to now, this photo essay book is not completed yet.
Everyone, use warm memories that go well with these songs to complete the empty pages!! ^^


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