Seung Gi in Singapore 2012 – A slow jog down memory lane

Can't wait to see Seung Gi in his new drama 'Gu Family Book' and I was reminiscing the good stuff that happened when he was in Singapore, hence I dug for my fan account which was first posted at nd one thing led to another. πŸ™‚ Seung Gi ah, *singing to the beat of "Will You Marry Me?" > Will You Come To Singapore Again?" and most importantly…μƒμΌμΆ•ν•˜ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€ , Happy Birthday To You η”Ÿζ—₯快乐 and Selamat Hari Jadi in advance ^____^ These are basically the languages I'm a little more familiar with.

[Yuling’s fan account] 26th August 2012 – A day after Seung Gi’s fan meeting ‘Tonight with Lee Seung Gi in Singapore’

Think this is gonna be a rather long fan account, I’m trying to include as many details as possible for my own remembrance in the future, hope airens don’t mind reading it. ^^ Here it goes:

Being able to see Seung Gi in the flesh is totally different from what I could possibly imagine. I’m a very new fan of him, I started liking the concept of ‘1 Night and 2 Days’ in February this year and how ironic, I first watched this variety show on its very last episode. Then I gradually began to like Seung Gi’s cute and child-like character in it. I mean, he’s quite a prominent Korean celeb so I’ve already seen Seung Gi before on ‘Strong Heart’ a few years before but I wasn’t drawn to him the way I was in ‘1 Night and 2 Days’. I’ve never seen him before in real life and I think this being my 1st time, I was super excited starting from the night before. I feel more than blessed to be able to see him just after 6 months of liking him, this is with much thanks to lsgairenint and Michelle for helping to secure the ticket. I’ll just have to say it again, thank you very much gals! ^___^

A week before the fan meet, I was in Australia with my family (Hehehe, Seung Gi was kinda close but yet kinda far at the same time, he was in New Zealand at that time and how I wish he was in Australia instead… ^-^). I had completely forgotten about the release date of the autograph winners from Taipei Station cuz I was with my family, I had a family meal at Taipei station, spending time with my loved ones and so I didn’t really expect to win anything.

There was no free wifi or whatsoever in Australia so I didn’t surf the net or anything like that, yeah kinda out of touch with the world for about 6 days…Michelle was very nice to tell me that I had won an autograph opportunity. It was totally unexpected and I was kinda caught off guard but yet, I’m surprised and grateful especially when I’m a very new fan of him. ^^

On the fan meeting day, as I managed to be a little early before 4.45p.m., which was the assigned time for the autograph pass winners to gather so I decided to go queue for the lightsticks first. I thought it would be good to have something to hold on to and move along to the music so I bought one for myself and one for another friend of mine from Hong Kong. She couldn’t be here as she was already here to see my family and I in May. The lightstick would be a gift from me to her. Wish she could have been here to see Seung Gi for the first time too. ^^ While queuing for the merchandise, a friendly airen in front of me started chatting with me, let’s just call her ‘C’ and cuz it was almost time for me to go for the autograph session and I haven’t gotten my lightsticks yet, C offered to help me get them and said that she’ll pass them to me later. She even asked me if I needed any food since I might not have time for dinner. Thank you C for being so nice to someone you’ve just met! πŸ™‚

And finally, the day had arrived for me to see Seung Gi. I’ve heard and read lots about how he’s so much better looking in person than on pics. I’ve always seen him on pics and vids and I always talk to myself, saying how cute he is. Indeed, he’s so good-looking and charming in person! For the autograph pass winners, we were inside Kallang Theatre, sitting on the right side waiting for Seung Gi to appear. The moment he appeared, I saw with my own eyes how cute and good-looking he is, while some airens might say that he’s kinda thin but in my opinion, he is just nice, I’ve seen celebs who are thinner and so in conclusion, I like his build and everything about him, hehehehe…. πŸ™‚

Well, that was just based on looks, and there were a few rows of airens who were in front of me who were waiting to get his siggy, I noticed how warm and friendly he was towards every single one of us. That cute dimpled smile of his reminds me of the beautiful sunrise that happens everyday, regardless of what goes on in the world. πŸ™‚

Actually, it might have been quite daunting for him as well cuz at first, there was just one table right in the middle of the empty stage and Seung Gi was going to sit there and sign for us. Very different from the lively atmosphere of a concert actually. I think the air-conditioner was turned on at full blast but there were only 100 airens inside, so I felt kinda cold, jittery and whenever I feel this way, my palms would also be cold and sweaty. I was the last person in my row to receive a siggy from Seung Gi and only slightly earlier, they told us that we could write our name on a piece of paper and Seung Gi would include our names in his autograph for us. I had no paper but I did have a pen, so on my little gift for him, I wrote “Specially for Seung Gi” and “Cheers, Yuling ”, I was kinda nervous and I wrote all of these words in a hurry and kinda tiny too (Kinda like a Comic Sans font size 12)! *sigh* I immediately regretted it cuz I was worried that Seung Gi might have a difficult time reading my name and hence, delaying his time…anyway, there was nothing I could do about it since I didn’t have any correction tape so I just went up to him like that. Seeing my mistake, so when an Indonesian airen borrowed the pen from me to write her name, I told her to write it big big…so Seung Gi can see better…hehehe…^___^

Something I noticed while waiting for my turn, think Seung Gi’s manager’s pants was kinda tight, feeling kinda embarrassed that I saw that so I looked away really quickly. When it was my turn, I apologized to Seung Gi for writing such a small name but fortunately, it was still legible and I think he said, “It’s Yuling?” and I replied, “Yes, it’s Yuling.”. The lady rep, from Faith & D I think, kindly helped to spell my name out for Seung Gi as well, thank you so much! πŸ™‚ Despite it being quite a rushed event, Seung Gi wrote quite fast but his handwriting still turned out very nice and neat, kinda big and round, I like his handwriting. I also noticed that he has long and fair fingers. ^^

I was like in a daze while I was on stage, it was akin to giving a presentation in front of hundreds of people or maybe it was worse, I was really nervous! 😦 Seung Gi was very nice to offer a handshake to all autograph pass winners but like I said, it was kinda nerve-wrecking for me so I was kinda slow in registering everything that happened, so when he offered his left hand for a handshake, my action was kinda like slow motion, I was too shy to look at him either and instinctively, I wiped my cold and sweaty left hand on my dark blue jeans before shaking his hand. In fact, before that, I was already wiping my palms while waiting for my turn. Seung Gi ah, what did you do to me? πŸ™‚ I felt kinda bad that he had to shake my cold, sweaty and kinda bony hand, wish I could have offered a hand that was warm and fleshy…Anyway, I love his handshake, it was warm and how should I put it? Ermmm…meaty? Or fleshy? Hehehehe…reminds me of warm and tender meat… ^__^ But I like his firm handshake, very much surprised by the gentleness of it.

So after receiving his siggy, I ran to catch up with the Indo airen who was sitting beside me earlier. I was running very fast to catch up, probably running crazily as well…hehehehe…so much so that the security along the steps told me ‘Don’t get so excited’. Still running, I told him that I was actually running to catch up with my friend in front. I was glad that I carried my haversack on that day so I could actually run without much hindrance. ^__^

I managed to catch up with the Indonesian airen and another Singaporean airen joined us too. We took pics together too with the autographed posters we had, we were super excited girls! πŸ™‚

As I entered Kallang Theatre from the second level for the autograph session, I went back downstairs to have some snacks quickly before going to the fan meeting. It was already about 6.15p.m. or so when I started having my snacks. I also saw C again, this time she was together with her friend and I’m glad that I managed to chat a little with them once again.

I had to more or less gobble down the food really quickly and then drink some water, before making my way up to the second level again to enter Kallang Theatre. The place was small and cozy, I couldn’t tell that it could actually accommodate about 1700 fans.

We waited for a little while and I saw a friend whom I’ve not met for a long time, I saw so happy to see her there! She had a super good seat, right in the front. Before Seung Gi made his first appearance and oh wow, screams for him were really enthusiastic and loud! πŸ™‚ I was very surprised and hehehehe…a little overwhelmed at first by them…but I got used to them after a while…Seung Gi really receives plenty of love from us airens…^___^

Actually, I can’t remember the sequence of the song list, it was a giddy experience for a first-timer like me, hehehehe…I like ballads a lot so I really like Seung Gi’s songs, I listen to them everyday but unfortunately, I could only sing along in my fragmented Korean, using my lightstick whenever I could. I was kinda afraid of swaying it too much and hence, ‘invading’ the space of the fans who were sitting beside me.

Seung Gi is a brilliant performer, he’s very engaging and just from his enthusiasm on stage alone, I couldn’t help but want to dance and sing along with him. He sounded so good live, even better than listening to his voice from the CDs. I just wish that there was a better sound system to project his vocals cuz it’s really such a waste of his powerful and beautiful voice…

He spent a lot of time interacting with us as well, ever the sweet, nice and obliging guy. I like how he remembered the fans who were at the circle area and tried to throw balls to them so that they could have opportunities to interact with him. Unfortunately, there were a few failed attempts cuz it was a mighty considerable distance between the airens there and him. One thing that touched me greatly was how he apologized for his failed attempts and everything else he couldn’t fulfill. With a squeaky clean image like his, people might expect him to have a rather bland personality. On the contrary, his easy-going and warm personality, in addition to his wit and cute frankness makes him so endearing. Hahaha, I like what he said to one fan who won a chance to choose one of his personal belongings, she said something like this, “I said I wanted this first” cuz another fan who also won the chance to choose one of his personal belongings wanted the same item, Seung Gi said something like this, “But I’m the master of it.” That totally cracked me up, this was what I meant when I said I like his cute frankness! πŸ˜€

There’s so many things that I like about him, one thing that’s especially etched in my mind was how he patiently taught the 6 gals ‘Losing My Mind’ dance. Hehehehehe, he was really meticulous and I could see the perfectionist streak in him peeking out when he went around teaching all of the gals one by one, think he was trying his best to make sure that all of them knew the steps and got them right. Cuz the steps might be kinda difficult for the gals up there plus their stage nervousness, Seung Gi kinda looked like he was ‘Losing His Mind’ trying to teach the dance steps too…hehehehe…In my opinion, I think he would make a mighty fine educator/teacher as well. Hehehehe, I can imagine him teaching his own kids in future, that’ll be really cute. πŸ™‚

Basically during the fan meet, I liked observing Seung Gi, his little hand movements, like how his left fingers would be hooked onto the left pocket of his pants or his left hand would be holding onto his left waist while talking to the host Ah Ken and us sometimes (think there was once the translator was trying to tell him something but he didn’t notice at all as he was facing in the other direction), his super duper adorable dimpled smiles with a dimple in a really strategic location which made him oh-so-cute and laughter which made him bend over almost 90 degrees during the proposal segment. He looked really happy when he saw the guy Eddy, singing the song to his girlfriend, April. Those were really priceless smiles and laughter, maybe he didn’t imagine that such a scene would happen right in front of him…hehehe… :)? These were the little stuff that I found intriguing as well.

While we were looking at the clips with scenes from ‘Brilliant Legacy’ and ‘The King 2 Hearts’, I was thinking since I’ve already seen many of these scenes before (For ‘Brilliant Legacy’, I dunno why but I just couldn’t get past episode 2 though in spite of its high ratings…miane-yo Seung Gi…but for ‘1 Night 2 Days, I’ve watched it like 3 to 4 times already), I might as well look at Seung Gi cuz like I’ve mentioned earlier, I find him just very fascinating. I like how shy he was when he was watching the scene between Han Hyo Joo and him, if I don’t remember wrongly, he sorta used his hand to cover his face, he was so cute when he’s embarrassed…such a dearie…Btw, did anyone notice an accessory that he was wearing on his neck in the second half of the fan meet? ^^

When we were singing the last song ‘Slave’ together with him, I also enjoyed how he did the finger-pointing part to all of us, it was just adorable coming from him. ^___^

As for the photograph session, nothing really much happened just that he was very nice to those who asked hugs and handshakes. I didn’t manage to stand or sit near Seung Gi, guess cuz I didn’t wish to dash just to be near him but it’s all right for me as I could still watch him from afar. I can’t wait to see all the pics. ^^ From what I see, I think Seung Gi seemed to have enjoyed himself at the fan meet and he was touched by everything that was prepared for him. Much thanks to Seung Gi himself, Hook Entertainment, Faith & D Entertainment, Lee Seung Gi Singapore fan club, all airens and everyone else for making all of this possible and memorable. ^^

At the end of it all, just looking at Seung Gi, marveling at how much this 25-year-old guy has achieved at this young age, thinking to myself at how he has come and how much he has overcome and achieved, I’m very proud of him. There were times I wondered to myself whether he was juggling too many things at one go (This trait of Seung Gi I found very similar to myself cuz there were times I was straddling many work projects + studies and once I had a holiday, I then realized how physically and mentally exhausted I was but like him, I enjoyed my work and studies too^^), so I’m kinda glad in a way he’s not handling too many stuff right now it seems. You’re doing just fine and take good care of yourself Seung Gi! ^_^

His friendly and warm personality I guess makes many airens miss him very much now that he has left Singapore and I’m most definitely one of them. I also read that he had English tuition for 2 months. I think a language is such a wonderful tool which is able to transcend over many barriers and thus in turn, bringing him closer to us fans cuz we could understand him better. He must have put in a lot of hard work in spite of it not being his first language. I think he speaks English very well, even from the times when he was in ‘1 Night and 2 Days’ and he spoke it with a tinge of American accent which was really cute too. Hehehe, maybe his sister was his English teacher? If that’s the case, it would be really nice for siblings to help one another. ^^

From the vids I watch online, many Korean celebs usually rely heavily on their translators, but not Seung Gi…hehehe…think he could even do most of his own translations…It’s really an admirable and sincere effort so I guess that’s why many airens are drawn to him like bees to nectar. πŸ™‚

I hope he will be happy, healthy and successful wherever he may be and wishing him all the best in his career, studies, health and love life. Seung Gi ah, you deserve nothing but the very best. πŸ™‚

P.S: I don’t have any pic or vid to share cuz my phone was dead flat when the fan meet started. So I just wish to share a photo of my autographed poster (which I folded and put it into my haversack, so it’s kinda crumpled now…When I sent this pic over to my friend lsgairenint, I was glad that it made her smile cuz of the ultimate state that it was in. ^^ I’m not good at carrying rolled-up posters, so I decided to fold it up. It may have appeared as though I didn’t cherish Seung Gi’s siggy but that’s definitely not so…hehehe…^_^). Hehehehe…and check out how he wrote the small letter ‘g’ in my name…with a turn and a stroke high up and tada…an oval shape evolved! Really cute I thought… ^__^
Some videos which I really enjoy. πŸ™‚
(The links for the first 3 vids can't be embedded here though.)

Open press conference at Marina Square in Singapore – 24th August 2012

~ Love seeing him excited even though he's a little nervous ^_^

~ Love his answer when he was told about the Lunar 7th month aka Hungry Ghosts Festival (For those who might wanna know about this, here's the 
link > and he said, "I have to go back to my Korea now", hehehehe. Interviewer Ken was also quite funny when he advised Seung Gi to go back to the hotel early... :))

~ Love the question which wasn't actually a question when Seung Gi was asked whether there's any question that he's dying to be asked on but it 
hasn't been asked before. πŸ˜€

Open press conference at Marina Square – 24th August 2012

~ Hehehe love his expression of anger, not angry at all but totally cute! πŸ˜€

~ Seung Gi thought that saying 'saranghae' by looking at the eyes of the girl that he likes is 'oily', hahahah! I think he probably meant 'mushy', 
hehe πŸ™‚

xinmsn interview

~ Love the way his mouth and eyes move when he's talking, kinda like a cute and cheeky boy πŸ˜€

~ A personal preference, I hope Seung Gi will end up with a non-celeb but as long as he's happily in love with the gal, regardless of age, celeb/non-celeb and what not, I'll be very happy for him! )

Teaching dance steps for 'Losing My Mind' at Singapore fan meeting

Credit to: WendyHo28 – YouTube

~ Love his little movements like adjusting his shirt by pulling it down a little, did anyone also notice this during '1 Night and 2 Days' as well? ^^

Seung Gi speaking English, Singlish ('lah', 'shiok' and 'paiseh') + 'I love you' in Korean, English, Chinese and Malay at Singapore fan meeting

~ ('lah' is part of the Singapore colloquial language, it's like a suffix which is usually added to the end of sentences/phrases, sometimes spoken a little louder for emphasis, 'shiok' if I were to translate to English, I guess it would mean something like 'so good!' and 'paiseh' means shy or embarrassed.)

~ Love the part where Seung Gi said ζˆ‘ηˆ±δ½ δ»¬ (wo ai ni men, I love all of you as adding 们 would have been changed it to the plural form as to ζˆ‘ηˆ±δ½  (wo ai ni, qI love you in the singular form)

~ Love his knack for picking up languages so quickly and his pronunciation is really accurate! πŸ™‚

Seung Gi during proposal segment at Singapore fan meeting

Credit to: sukuraa – YouTube

~ Love how he was enjoying the proposal segment, his smiles and bending over kind of laughter, putting his right hand over the left side of his chest when the guy Eddy was on bended knees asking "Will You Marry Me?", perhaps Seung Gi was feeling the nerves for Eddy as well? I'm not sure if I got this right, I observed that Seung Gi tends to rest more on his left leg, I've noticed this during '1 Night 2 Days', especially in the episode where he scored goals with mostly his left leg where they played against Korea's women national soccer team.

A more close-up view of Seung Gi during proposal segment at Singapore fan meeting

Uploaded by: WendyHo28 – YouTube


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