Translation of Seung Gi’s speech at his birthday celebration (Part 2) – 12th January 2013

Thanks to a dear friend of mine for sharing this link as I was accompanying my family yesterday night! 🙂

Translated from Korean to Chinese by: dlww1234  from  http://
(Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Seung Gi said that he was going to sing, his neck hurt, he twisted? his neck. Fans asked him 
to go for a massage and he said that it's not quite possible under such an atmosphere. Later, 
he said that as it was his birthday celebration today, he was going to sing a song he wished 
to sing.

The host asked him whether he did expect so many people to come and he answered, "Actually, 
I could see a little through the gap from the eye mask!" 

Seung Gi asked, "It's photo-taking time now?" He said that he didn't wish to be too deliberate, 
(but rather) appear more naturally, he then walked about there..the host asked a mother fan 
who was in front whether she knew how to take photos, Seung Gi even went over to shake her
hand, she's from Busan...

The host asked Seung Gi if it's possible to go back to 9 years ago, would he want to go then? 
His answer was no. The host asked whether there were people who ate and spent a lot on food in 
the company and his answer was yes. One more question that the host asked was, among all of the 
fans, was/were there fan/s that he liked or took more notice of? -end of vid- (Seemed like he 
deftly skipped this question?) 

As Seung Gi danced, he said, "This is so sexy, how to dance it! How/What to do!"

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