Translation of Seung Gi’s speech during his birthday celebration – 12th January 2013

Shared by: @lsgairenint
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: China Cafe weibo
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Because I wish to realise one thing, I often need to do 9 things that I don't wish to do......being able 
to make K-Pop Hot 100 history with 6 weeks reign, I'm very happy, I understand that fans have 
made many sacrifices because of this. Because I've never expected such a record, therefore I feel 
even more fortunate. 

About 'Gu Family Book', Seung Gi mentioned it was under the circumstance of not completely looking 
over the script that he felt it was interesting and decided to act in it. It was akin to reading comics, 
the story is very powerful. Through this drama, everyone will be able to see that Lee Seung Gi has 
really grown up a lot. The action scenes already aren't at the general level, now they will truly be 
showcased. Recently, I've practised a lot and my shoulders have stiffened. 

1. The female artiste whom I wish to get close to now is? Suzy-ssi. 

2. Who spends more on food/are good eaters in the company? People in our company are all good 
eaters, I don't like the slow eating method. Including the stylist/s? and managers, they are all also 
good eaters.

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