Translation of Seung Gi’s 5th message – 15th October 2003

Shared by: &nbsp 点雨兴叹 (Dian Yu Xing Tan)  from &nbsp
(Lee Seung Gi baidu) via @toshimichan84 and @HeodangSeungGi
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: &nbsp 摇摇 (Yao Yao)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

15th October 2003 – Seung Gi Korean (fan) cafe message

Long time no see!

It’s really been a long time everyone

I’ve been busy with a few things during this period of time

Because I’m the student president

We were in school for 2 days for 10th and 11th October, preparing for a celebration

I’m almost dying of exhausation

Our student union?/council? also sold some food

This really wasn’t something ordinary

After I’ve finished everything, I’ve got a fever

Because I’ve been busy with preparations for the celebration, I didn’t visit the cafe

However, I promise that I will be more attentive in future!

Now, the activities have basically ended

Today at 8a.m., I left the studies? meeting

Am I very busy?

When this celebration ends, I will be able to fully concentrate on preparing songs!

Of course, also to be together with everyone

In order for me to do well, everyone got to give lots of help

Actually, up to now, I’m still doubting myself whether I can actually do well

I will be back on Friday afternoon~~Therefore, from Saturday onwards, let us work hard for the vitality of the cafe~

See you on Saturday everyone~~


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