Translation of Seung Gi’s 6th message – 4th June 2004

Shared by: &nbsp 点雨兴叹 (Dian Yu Xing Tan)  from &nbsp
(Lee Seung Gi baidu) via @toshimichan84 and @HeodangSeungGi
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: &nbsp 摇摇 (Yao Yao)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

4th June 2004 – Seung Gi Korean (fan) cafe message

~A day before his debut on 5th June 2004~

I’m really apologetic for visiting everyone so late…

Sorry..I’m Lee Seung Gi^^!!

Very sorry everyone..

For me, over here is a place like a little home…

From now onwards, I want to come here every single day to see all of you…^a

I will work hard to do this^^!!

In addition.. finally tomorrow.. it will be 5th June ten minutes later..

It will be my first performance…

Really very nervous, very burdened..

But because of this day, I’ve truly given my best effort along the way to prepare (for it)

I have many areas that I’m lacking in, everyone has also put in a lot of heart for **

However, towards everyone who were unwavering in their protection of this place from beginning to the end, I’m really very thankful…

Especially to all administrators led by small porcelain bowls?

Definitely will find time to meet everyone for a while to say hello

I will definitely do well for tomorrow’s first performance!

Do give lots of support everyone^^


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