Translation of Seung Gi’s speech at his birthday celebration (Part 3) – 12th January 2013

Some parts have been translated and shared before but there's a few new ones so I'll just include everything. Do just read it for fun though. 🙂

Shared by: golddean852 rom (Lee Seung Gi baidu)

A rough translation from Korean to Chinese by:  安安 (An An) 

A rough translation from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Speed Answer (?) Quiz segment 

This fan couldn't hear the beginning part quite clearly, it should be, (First question)
"Who eats the most in the company?" Seung Gi said, "All of them eat a lot." and
added, "The stylist/s? eat the most.".

2nd question – Is there anyone he likes/fancies among the Airens?
Seung Gi's answer – Yes, there is 

3rd question – The female artiste whom he has the best relationship with is?
Seung Gi's answer – Lee Sun Hee

4th question – The female star whom he wishes to become close to is? 
Seung Gi's answer – Suzy

5th question – The kiss scene which left the deepest impression is?  There were
some fans who reminded him of the fridge kiss in 'The King 2 Hearts'.
Later, he answered that it's the fridge kiss. 

He was also asked about the part he would first look at when looking at women and
the host said excluding the face and legs and Seung Gi's answer was the upper half of the body.

The fan, 安安 (An An), who translated based on the above vid mentioned that
she couldn't hear anymore after this.


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