Translation of Seung Gi’s 7th message – 6th June 2004

Shared by: &nbsp 点雨兴叹 (Dian Yu Xing Tan)  from &nbsp
(Lee Seung Gi baidu) via @toshimichan84 and @HeodangSeungGi
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: &nbsp 摇摇 (Yao Yao)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

6th June 2004 – Seung Gi Korean (fan) cafe message

The first performance has ended^^

Everyone, I didn’t do a job for my first performance, I’m sorry.

Sang the wrong key? many times, there were also many mistakes.

Should have listened a little to the music video, but because it was in the middle of recording, I wasn’t able to listen (to it).

If there’s time, I definitely should listen to it well and then practice hard for the song!

For the first performance, to all fans who came to support, I’m very thankful~~~

For the next broadcast, I will definitely do better^^~~~~

If everyone sees that there are areas I’m not good at or lacking in,

Please don’t let me off just like that, you have to correct me objectively and calmly~~~

See you next time then~~!


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