Translation of Seung Gi’s 14th message – 5th January 2005 ~New Year greeting~

Shared by:   点雨兴叹 (Dian Yu Xing Tan)  from
(Lee Seung Gi baidu) via @toshimichan84 and @HeodangSeungGi
Translated from Korean to Chinese by:   摇摇 (Yao Yao)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

5th January 2005 – Seung Gi Korean (fan) cafe message

~New Year greeting~

Happy New Year, always be healthy..^^

Hello everyone, I’m Lee Seung Gi.

It’s really been a long time since I last came^^;

Everyone who has always been supporting and giving me

I’m really very grateful.

I should actually pay a visit to greet everyone personally

But I can only through a message like this to express my
gratitude, I’ve always felt very sorry.

Firstly, I got the Newcomer Award last year

Everyone who were happy along with me

I’m really very thankful

If it wasn’t for everyone, perhaps I wouldn’t be able to
get this precious award

I think that this is even more of what all of us have received

This year 2005, I’m also becoming a university student, I
will become more mature

Everyone also always be healthy

Also, for the care and concern given to me, I've also felt it?

Because of this, I always will also not forget,

Just like from the beginning, I’ll continue to work hard sincerely.

I don’t know if this is wishful thinking,

I, Lee Seung Gi, wish to become Lee Seung Gi, a singer who’s
able to sing on stage for a long time

Now for me, this is a new beginning

In order to become Lee Seung Gi, a singer who’s able to be with
everyone always

I will always work hard~

Thank you everyone! Happy New Year!


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