~Seung Gi’s drama – My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho~ A Taiwanese airen’s journey to Ilsan Lake Park + dire

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Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/speciallyforlsg.livejournal.com

Friday, 16th March 2012 
Ilsan Lake Park - the place where Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi) couple 
had a date and reunited  

Woah~~~~everyone long time no see!!! 

Finally we are near the end of this piece of writing 

If nothing goes wrong, after finishing this piece, I'll be left with the next (last) one!! (spinning mode)  

Today I'm going to introduce a place located far away, Ilsan Lake Park 호수공원 (Hosu Gongwon) 

Not only 'My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho' had its filming here, Joon Se and Eun Sung also 
cycled here in 'Brilliant Legacy' 

How to go to Ilsan Lake Park? It can be reached by taking the subway~~although its 
address is written as Gyeonggi-do, which seems far XD 

Please take Line 3 on Seoul Subway and alight at 312 Jeongbalsan station, you can take 
either the Number 1 or 2 exit 

I took the Number 2 exit. Once you are out, walk along the left and you will see a wide road. 

Keep walking, need to walk approximately 10 to 15 minutes

Then you will see this bridge

After walking over (the bridge), you'll reach the park!

This park is really scarily big XD

You also need about 3 to 4 hours to slowly finish one round!!

I was naive to think that there was a place to rent bicycles

When the time comes, I'll very dreamingly ride a bicycle, letting my hair fly
along with the wind, Letting out sounds of sweet laughter~that would be so
pleasant! <<<Like crazy woman right XD

But life wouldn't be this smooth sailing XD, this day was unfortunately very cold XDDDDD

(Just in the morning, at KBS, I experienced the coldest spell since winter and I
rushed over here alone in the afternoon << A lunatic)

The lake was already frozen……..

Although the park had auto-paid? bicycles, 

I stood among the chilly wind for a long time, looking at the touchscreen with no
foreign language subtitles, the grief rushing up in silence (burying face in hands)

fine~~~got to be crazy in order to stick to the holiday

And testing level of soft flexibility of my leg bones, I decided… to●walk!!

Seems I have walked around many parks (smiles brilliantly), it's the most beautiful here,
but it's also the most painful place to walk on XD

Because there isn't a single place that shields against the wind, do remember to bring
along a mask when you come during winter,

If not, you'll be in a sorry state like me XD, luckily the scenery isn't bad at all,
if not how to finish walking 

I started taking photos based on impression once again! Don't know where the luck came from,
displaying my power again

I photographed the place where Dae Woong bought soft drinks Later, on such a cold day,
I insisted on drinking the soft drink that Miho had XDDD

Here's a screen cap of Dae Woong and Fatty's leisurely back views,

the shop on the left side has already become G25

To the back of G25 and going left diagonally, it's the place where Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi) couple
met each other!

Did you discover a little corner on the steps

Here it is~~>///< (totally at the level of a team of detectives XD)

Although the angle is a little different, it's over here, that's right<<<<I don't know
what I'm happy about

Sign (referring to the lamp post?/light post? in the pic below) and my favourite screen cap
of Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi couple)

Has it ended just like this? Of course not! Next, we'll take a look at the place Woong-ho
(Hoi Hoi couple) had a date and played badminton

At the same time, this is also 1 of the classic scenes in 'You're Beautiful' (drama)?,
let's not talk more about this! The emphasis is on Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi couple)^^

The badminton was played on the platform on top of the steps 

Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi couple) were playing badminton at where I was standing (It would be perfect if they 
walked a little backwards~~)  

Of course must have a screen cap!

Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi couple) riding the bicycle in tandem romantically, was also shot in this park

It's just at that time, I was in a walking race wholeheartedly, then I discovered I walked past this place

The paths meant for cycling and walking are found opposite where you enter the park

In the episode 15 of 'Brilliant Legacy', the place where Joon Se and Eun Sung rode
bicycles, (is where you) walk along the right side when you enter from the entrance 

Anyway, you'll know when you walk one round! Hei Hei Hei (cunning laughter)

After finishing one round, I spent approximately 2 to 3 hours. Moreover, I didn't
walk slowly T.T You know how huge it is~~~(tearing) I walked till the sun almost set

The next day, my legs were also gone, I had no energy to carry out replenishing
my stock? XD

Lastly, not breaking away from the custom, I'm going to do the ending!

And unintentionally, I took a picture of a place which is super suitable to be
recommended to Seung Gi ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

I strongly recommend Seung Gi to come here for practice secretly, nobody will discover (him)

What is it then~~~~~~~~

That's right~~~~It's a swing, hahahaha<<<<I so deserve a bashing (The airen meant it as a joke of course ^-^) 

Those who have already seen the last episode will know the origin of this 
With the happy smiles of Woong-ho (Hoi Hoi) couple, let us meet again the next time (smiles brilliantly)

I saw this while surfing the web on Ilsan Lake Park and for more touristy info,

you can check out this link > 

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