Scans of Singapore newspaper articles on Seung Gi – 31st January and 1st February 2013

These 2 articles have been kindly shared and scanned by my dear friend. All credit goes to her.
I just wish to share these even though they aren't that new because it seems like there are
more articles on Seung Gi after his fan meeting in Singapore. Seung Gi ah, fighting! 😀

我报 My Paper – Thursday, 31st January 2013

Old news basically but briefly, this article talks about him acting in
'Gu Family Book' with Suzy. After he finished 'The King 2 Hearts' in
May 2012 and ten months later, he's returning to the small screen.
As for Suzy, she's returning to the small screen eight months after
the drama 'Big' in 2012.

我报 My Paper – Friday, 1st February 2013

This article talks about his 4th year as the endorsement model for
Pizza Hut and his father-like smiles were shown very warmly in the
picture. And the kids worked well together with him, the shooting
process was more relaxed than expected.


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