Translation of a NATE news article on Seung Gi – 31st January 2013 (Part 2 + Part 1)

Source:  NATE
(believe it comes from this link which was shared by  @purple1n2d  few days ago^^)

Shared by:  西捧东效  (Xi Peng Dong Xiao)  from  (Lee Seung Gi baidu)

Translated from Korean to Chinese by:  @jooglove from Gu Family Book baidu

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

~~~~~Part 1~~~~~
Lee Seung Gi, knowing the areas that he's lacking in is the secret 
to his success. First artiste elected as honorary ambassador? 
(for National Election Committee), 1st for CF Model Favorability, 
a variety star loved by citizens, a singer whose every album would 
be met with success, a Hallyu star whose name is well-known and 
enjoys high popularity in Japan…

This is truly a dazzling results slip, but what's more amazing is 
that the owner of this results slip is actually a 26-year-old youth, 
it's Lee Seung Gi.

In July 2004, a high school student was discovered, singer Lee 
Sun Hee said, "This is a kind-hearted high school student, who has 
always been working hard. Recently, I got him to debut as a singer.". 
And she told us we had to take a look at this student. A totally 
endearing high school student, while he was bowing to us politely, 
he said, "I will work hard.". Releasing his first album 'The Dream 
Of A Moth' and with 'Because You're My Woman', a high school 
student Lee Seung Gi started his activities.

After debuting for not too long, with 'Because You're My Woman' 
he became popular, single-handedly attained the love of noonas, 
becoming the 'National Younger Brother', beginning the smooth 
sailing path of a singer. Debuting as a singer and just 4 months 
later, he started acting in a sitcom 'Nonstop 5', broadening his 
areas of activities. Through 'The Infamous Chil Sisters' and 
acting as the lead in 'Brilliant Legacy', his performances 
affirmed and cemented his own position. From November 2007, 
through '2 Days and 1 Night', displaying the sense of a variety 
person , he became a variety star who was loved by people of all ages. 
From then on, he became the MC for the talk show 'Strong Heart', 
he received positive evaluations once again. Lee Seung Gi in the fields 
of music, variety and drama, has been pushing forward victoriously. 
In a short period of time, he's holding up firmly and became a top star. 

~~~~~Part 2~~~~~

Lee Seung Gi said, "If people ask me whether I'm tired, saying that
I'm not tired is a white lie. In fact, I'm very very tired. After becoming
an artiste, it's as though I've given up my family, friends and sleep to
carry out activities". Also, the company staff mentioned, "It's rare that
there's a day without any schedule, giving him time to rest but he doesn't
know what to do about it. Seeing him like this, I?/We? feel very heartache".
However, it can be said that today's success is the result of sacrificing
family, friends and sleep. But it doesn't mean that success comes from the
expense of giving up family and the sacrifice of sleep. So what is the driving
force behind this 26-year-old youth rising up to a top star in the 3 fields?

Calmly carrying out an evaluation, Lee Seung Gi doesn't possess the best
appearance, success and acting skills. Also, he doesn't have a variety sense
that surpasses others. But Lee Seung Gi is very aware of his own
inadequateness, knowing the areas that he's lacking in, learning without ceasing,
wanting to make up for his shortcomings has resulted in the Lee Seung Gi today.

"Although I'm participating in the fields of acting, music, variety and so on,
but there are many areas I'm lacking in every field. Looking at the sunbae-nims
with outstanding singing ability, outstanding acting skills and sense of variety, 
I would want to learn a lot. I don't possess those talented inner qualities. I think
what I can do is only to persevere ceaselessly, working hard.". Like such an 
accurate assessment of himself, working diligently in order to make up for the
areas that he's lacking in, resulted in a Lee Seung Gi who's developing day by 
day. It's because of the accumulation of all these, only then we have the 
Lee Seung Gi today.


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