Translation of Seung Gi’s 20th message – 4th October 2006

Seung Gi ah, stay healthy and take good care of yourself! : )

Shared by:   点雨兴叹 (Dian Yu Xing Tan) from
(Lee Seung Gi baidu) via @toshimichan84 and @HeodangSeungGi
Translated from Korean to Chinese by:   摇摇 (Yao Yao)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/            

6th June 2006 – Seung Gi Korean (fan) cafe message

Happy Chuseok^^!!

Hello, I’m Lee Seung Gi^^
Again, I’ve not left a message for a long time~
Actually after I received the good news on Inkigayo last week
I should have come here immediately
Because of my laziness, I’m only here now^^;
After releasing the special album this time, I received lots of love from
many people and our Airens
So I feel really good recently^^
In fact, the times of doing well, times of getting good results, they definitely
aren’t from the reason of 1 person alone
The production team from our company and in addition, many others
had rendered us assistance
As well as due to Airens’ existence, have made all this possible.
Everyone who has been giving me strength from behind, I’m very thankful
I’ll also not disappoint everyone, working hard to do my very best.
Chuseok is coming, everyone has to spend it well~
Let us not eat too much^^; ㅋㅋ
For those who are traveling back to their hometowns, be careful on the way
Hope that everyone is able to see your loved ones whom you’ve not met
for a long time
Have a warm Chuseok^^~!
Also, everyone of us has to stay healthy^^!

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