Translation of Seung Gi’s Interview as King Lee Jae Ha in ‘TK2H’ Japanese DVD – (Part 4 + 3 + 2 + 1)

Shared by: 刘garden (Liu garden) from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Korean to Chinese and produced by: Lee Seung Gi baidu team
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

~Just the interesting bits~

Seung Gi's interview as King Lee Jae Ha in 'The King 2 Hearts'

~~~~~~Part 1~~~~~~
I feel that Lee Jae Ha in 'The King 2 Hearts' is a complex character. From one point of view, it's a little similar to artiste Lee Seung Gi's life. How should I put it? There are similar aspects between a star and a king. For example, the image in a society, the sense of responsibility. Because there are many complicated reasons. As comparedto the human instinct, with some status…errr…*thinking about it a little on how he should explain what he means + pursing his lips too* How should I put it? The sense of responsibility makes up a huge proportion. (The drama is) both real and touching, there's also a more vicious character.

In terms of big matters, (Jae Ha) is serious and calm. Therefore from another perspective, this character Lee Jae Ha is a character who is both very weak and powerful.

~~~~~~Part 2~~~~~~
The kind of responsibility a king and artiste Lee Seung Gi shoulders, as well the image in a society is a little similar. There's also many aspects which are similar. Hence, this character of a king isn't easy to understand. There's also the feelings of a king, sacrificing for everyone but yet unable to display his sadness outwardly. I think this is Lee Jae Ha.

I don't wish to become a king, hehehe. This time after playing the role ofLee Jae Ha, I've come to understand a king's responsibilities, feelings and sense of responsibility. It really really makes people sad. Actually, I don't wish to become a king. If I've really got to do it, (I wish to become one that?) really can sacrifice for the country. If that's the case, to be a politician or one who serves the country. From a broader perspective, I think this is right. If I become a king, I'll really be able to help the citizens a little more. Although I don't know the specifics/concrete stuff, no matter what, I've understood the thoughts of a king after acting as one. Indeed, as compared to "me" myself, need to consider even more for the citizens.

Acting as this character Lee Jae Ha, I would always think about his dialogue/lines or acting. (It) really had an impact on my heart, expressing his feelings across. To sum it up, it's sincerity. I've sincerely become this character. The biggest highlight is, this character Lee Jae Ha's distinctive characteristic, he's not entirely cute, he's a little mischievous. Because he's the king of a country, so even if he's mischievous, it's also a king's mischievousness. Being calm is also the calmness of a king. The king, the royal family, their character, pride and the forever noble poise. (This part is somewhat confusing based on the Chinese translation and what Seung Gi said, hopefully what I've translated is as accurate as possible.)

In this area, I've put in the most effort. Because in reality, a king doesn't exist in South Korea. I don't know the kind of king that people like, people don't wish for the king of their country to be hasty right. Even if it's hastiness, it's also like the hastiness of a king.

As a king, need to have sense/grace and charm. When I was looking at the script, I practiced a king's poise. Lee Jae Ha is a king.

~~~~~~Part 3~~~~~~
~Director Lee Jae Kyu talking about Seung Gi~

In the end, I saw Seung Gi as Jae Ha. A few things that happened during filming, I gradually saw Seung Gi as Jae Ha. Therefore for one half, I looked upon Seung Gi as artiste Lee Seung Gi and the other half as King Lee Jae Ha.

So, this character, regardless whether it's on vigour/drive or others, I think he's very immersed in his character. I think it's like that. So when it comes to treating Seung Gi, it's a little difficult. Because I think he's Lee Jae Ha.

~Back to Seung Gi's interview~
Filming together with Ha Ji Won sunbae, seems like it's really a couple who had to be separated because of North-South relations. I was really very immersed in my character.

(At this juncture, the BTS showed Ha Ji Won as Kim Hang Ah suddenly waking up on the bed when Seung Gi as Lee Jae Ha leaned over trying to give her a kiss. Once they finished filming this scene, seemed like Seung Gi repeated twice that he was frightened when Ha Ji Won woke up suddenly? Hehehehe :D)

Yesterday, we were outdoors, in order to seduce Hang Ah. In order to make her fall for me, we acted out a few scenes.If it was me, I wouldn't be outside. I'll be indoors. (Hehehe Seung Gi ah, I love your practical notion of being romantic! ^-^) Because the weather was really too cold yesterday, so my hands were a little cold. Playing the piano was difficult. The solo part wasn't real (Seung Gi used the word 'hand synchro' and I think he probably meant hand synchronized? ^^) hehehe *Seung Gi laughs* If I can play the piano at that level, I would have become a pianist. But the music accompaniment at the end, I played it myself. I think it's very fun. Hang Ah was beside me, so heart was beating a little. Now although I didn't like her but in order to get her, also Hang Ah's visual is a little too perfect. Personally I think…ahhh…do I really have to dump Hang Ah? Hahaha! *Seung Gi laughs* It was very fun during filming.

(Now at this juncture, the BTS shows Ha Ji Won and Seung Gi at the piano and Seung Gi is playing the piano a little. One staff with his voice in the background, seems like he requested Seung Gi to play ' Because You're My Woman' on the piano? OMG! I love this part where Seung Gi played the beginning part of his debut song! ^_^)

~~~~~~Part 4~~~~~~
~Ha Ji Won talking about Jae Ha and Hang Ah's relationship and Seung Gi~
Now it's at Jae Ha-Hang Ah's love confession. Hang Ah's heart/love for Jae Ha is growing. Now she's no longer retreating. She's now approaching Jae Ha one step at a time. Also, she doesn't have much courage. Personally, I think that it's very romantic. Although it wasn't of a grand-scale proposal, but because it's sincere. So I think it's very warm, very nice.

~Back to Seung Gi's interview~
Because I've got many areas that I'm lacking in, so even if I look at the script again, I'll have a few of my own ideas. Therefore, I look at the script often. Lastly, it's to be familiar with the dialogue/lines and script then there'll be natural acting. When I'm alone, I'll look at the script often.

There'll be a few interesting incidents happening in every episode. Because the staff members are people who will bring about joy and smile. Also, Ha Ji Won sunbae really really laughs easily. Basically, she's the one who laughs the most. Choi Kwon sunbae who acted as Young Bae, Hyun Sang hyung who acted as Dong Ha and Jo Jung Suk sunbae who acted as Shi Kyung, they're all happy, fun people. So in every episode, there'll be interesting things happening.

Today, it's my first time wearing a soldier uniform and carrying a real? gun. I really feel like I've become a soldier. The feeling is amazing, but it's very fun.

The weather is really very cold and there was a lot of snow. Now it's very cold outside. I think I saw a different side to Jeju island. I came together with sunbae-nims whom I acted together with, I'm really really happy.

I'm really sorry, because it was really cold yesterday. It ought to have been difficult, but I've truly put in my best, hence I filmed comfortably.(Think Seung Gi was referring to the scene where he had to pour a bucket of snow onto Ha Ji Won's head?^^)

There were many scenes where I acted together with Hang Ah, it's really very fun.

The toughest was when WOC just began. The first time I felt, I really wanted to go home. Because it was really too cold, body was feeling uncomfortable/unwell. It was very tough for Ha Ji Won sunbae-nim and the staff. The scene  (referring the mighty long scene where Jae Ha's leg was hurt but still managed to complete the original test of a 60km race as a form of punishment/responsibility for causing their team to fail the final test when he shot Hang Ah) should be the most difficult.

~Director Lee Jae Kyu starts talking about the above scene~
There was overnight shooting for that scene, but there were still 2 scenes not shot. Shot 1 and half scene, it shouldbe. It was as though the brain was hit by something, problems kept arising. The actors were also exhausted, there was also some strangeness, it was such a situation. The same for Ha Ji Won, the same for Lee Seung Gi, they were really really tired. Also, there was a lot of fog above the graves. Therefore, I was thinking whether it's because there's ghosts and stuff like that. During filming that day, really, many problems occurred. Moreover, it seems like the image resolution was lower. Hence, the staff felt that there surely were ghosts at work on that day. The time when (we were) filming that scene, it's really exhausting.


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