Translation of some characters in Seung Gi’s upcoming drama ‘Gu Family Book’ – 8th March 2013

Shared by: @lsgairenint/
Source: Gu Family Book's official website (
Translated from Korean to Chinese by:
ANN yaoyaoyufei from (Lee Seung Gi China Cafe) via (Gu Family Book baidu)

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Introduction of characters
Choi Kang Chi: Lee Seung Gi
A half human-half beast born of the guardian god?/deity?/spirit? of Jirisan, Gu Wol Ryeong and human mother, Yoon Seo Hwa

Dam Yeo Wool: Bae Suzy
Dam Pyeong Jun's only daughter and she's also the the instructor of 'Mu Hyeong Do Gwan' (Mu Hyeong martial arts school?)

Jo Gwan Woong: Lee Seong Jae
An ambitious person who can do anything in order to achieve fame and meteoric success

Dam Pyeong Jun: Jo Seong Ha
Dam Yeo Wool's father, runs 'Mu Hyeong Do Gwan' (Mu Hyeong martial arts school?), is committed to nurturing the next generation

Lee Sun Shin: Yoo Dong Geun
(From?) Jeolla-do Jwa Su Yeong
Dam Pyeong Jun's long-time friend

Park Tae Seo: Yoo Yeon Seok
Park Mu Sol's son, Kang Chi's arch-enemy

Park Cheon Jo: Lee Yoo Bi
Choi Kang Chi's first love, Park Mu Sol's daughter

Cheon Su Ryeon: Jang Hye Yeong
'Chun Hwa Gwan''s head gisaeng
(I guess 'Chun Hwa Gwan' is an organisation or establishment where gisaengs work at? ^^)

Park Mu Sol: Eom Hyo Seop
Owner of 'Paek Nyeon Gaek Gwan, for Kang Chi, he's like a father figure

Abbot? So Jeong: Kim Hee Won
Guardian god?/deity?/spirit? of Jirisan, Gu Wol Ryeong's long-time friend

Yoon Seo Hwa: Lee Yeon Hee
Choi Kang Chi's mother

Gu Wol Ryeong: Choi Jin Hyeok
Guardian god?/deity?/spirit? of Jirisan, Choi Kang Chi's father


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