Translation from a Japanese staff blog about Seung Gi’s drama ‘Gu Family Book’ – 14th March 2013

Source: A Japanese staff blog post from
Lee Seung Gi Japan official site

Translated from Japanese to Chinese by:
豆豆 (Dou Dou) via yaoyaoyufei from (Lee Seung Gi China Cafe)

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Yesterday (14th March), Seung Gi's filming portion for the drama 'Gu Family Book' has started
The location was at Gyeongsangnam-do, a place called Hadong
Around the middle of next week, the photo/s? will be released on the official website of the drama
Therefore after the news is released, there'll also be spoilers of the (shooting) sites revealed
to everyone over here
It's still very cold in South Korea now, but it's no longer mid winter
Because they're sageuk clothes, therefore they're good in keeping out the cold
As compared to the 'King', of course (Seung Gi?/Kang Chi?) is more man!


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