Translation from a Japanese staff blog about Seung Gi’s drama ‘Gu Family Book’ – 19th March 2013

Source: A Japanese staff blog post from
Lee Seung Gi Japan official site

Translated from Japanese to Chinese by:
nanako210 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu) via golddean852

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/
Filming for 'Gu Family Book' was carried out at Hadong, South Korea on 14th and 15th March,
because there were many action scenes and at the same time, in order to display the potential
previously honed from the action school, therefore after filming had ended, there was a period
of 2 days where (Seung Gi's) muscles ached so much that he couldn't get up…

However, in order to capture dashing scenes, many staff have always been giving their utmost best,
working till the middle of the night, of course Seung Gi is also carrying unwavering determination,
coordinating earnestly in the filming. Although we cannot reveal to everyone all kinds of information
and photos often
due to the (disclosure of) content of the story line still being completely prohibited
(Think there's a ban for this at the moment?)
, but from now on, we will unveil a little by a little to
let everyone know.

P.S: I'll check for any error later in the day…too tired now… –__–

Added at 10.53a.m.~
Do click on the Japanese staff blog post link
above to check out Seung Gi's picture and see
the original message in Japanese. ^^


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