A brief translation of PD Shin & Writer Kang’s collaboration on ‘Gu Family Secret’ – 27th March 2013

Source: Korean website (not mentioned which one though)
Shared by: @lsgairenint/http://lsgairenint.tumblr.com
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: 小小包子-7 weibo
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/speciallyforlsg.livejournal.com

Writer Kang of 'Gu Family Secret' complimented highly of/was blown away
by PD Shin, who was working together with her. "With the script I wrote,
originally presenting (the drama) in accordance with my ideas, a person
like this, PD Shin Woo Chul is the first.".

A related personnel (from 'Gu Family Secret' said), "At the filming site, PD
and the staff basically didn't say anything, ideas for scenes were densely
written on his script. He was also very attentive/meticulous with the props
used on site, it was as though he brought the writer's script directly over to
the video.". Looking forward to PD Shin's directing this time.


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