Translation of a news article on Seung Gi talking about his most difficult times – 31/3/2013 (Part1)

This was shared by a dear friend of mine, gomawoyo! ^^

Reported by: Bae Kuk Nam from (
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: Komishine from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Lee Seung Gi has always been active as a singer, actor and MC. Having been in showbiz for 10 years (Is it his 9th or 10th year this year? I keep thinking that it's his 9th year), in every field that he's been involved in, the results have been the highest/greatest, opening a dazzling successful era as a singer, actor and an entertainer. Moreover, with the highest popularity, he's been active, garnering a favourable impression from the masses without even any anti.

With beyond the imaginable, with his thorough self-management and a humble attitude as well as his care for others, he has received compliments from Kang Ho Dong, Lee Soon Jae, other senior artistes and Park Sang Hyuk, PD Na Young Suk and the production team.

Recently, I asked Lee Seung Gi one question. He who has attained high popularity among the masses, also achieved the best results in different fields and has been living actively, in the past 10 years? of a career as an artiste, which moments did he feel were the most difficult?

Lee Seung Gi said, "During my activities as an artiste, there were also difficult times. Especially during the period of the drama 'My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho', the filming of 2 variety shows and the drama at the same time, there were many difficult moments with my physical strength. At that time, thoughts like "It's really too difficult" also occurred. In hindsight, such experiences have also brought lots of fun memories, therefore it can be said that seems like the truly hard times aren't over yet. Working with new people, working happily and meaningfully together, it's especially exciting. People meeting and working together to achieve a goal, that sense of achievement is very delightful." These are Lee Seung Gi's thoughts, during those tough times, he could even enhance his own meaning of life, he who has always held onto such an attitude.


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