Translation of ‘Gu Family Secret’ trailer (about 5 & half mins) – 2nd April 2013

Translated from Korean to Chinese and produced by: Lee Seung Gi baidu
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Please give me a little once, please give me a little once more
After 1000 years, it's the 1st time I've met a human female who made my heart beat/flutter
I wish to become a human
Said (you) wish to live like the humans, even used lie/s to deceive, isn't it so?
Seo Hwa, Seo Hwa
Why would you do that, I loved you then
I still love you
Please take pity on this child
Be able to live ordinarily like a human and be loved
He was abandoned at the river, let's name him "Kang Chi", how about that, Kang as in 'river' (江)and Chi as in '置' ( ~ to be put/left somewhere)
Named "Choi Kang Chi"
Choi Kang Chi
Choi Kang Chi!
Choi Kang Chi
I think my life/destiny is to be lonely till the day I die
What exactly should I eat to become that?
Animals have their own partners/companions
How can a brave human? not have any partner/companion
In the birth month?, a person/people will appear to help you
The fate/destiny you meet at that time, no matter what, you'll have to avoid it
That fellow/guy
You know (him)?
What are you doing, do you wish to die
You'll be dead by me/You'll die by my hands? today, come here
Til now, you still think I'm joking
You're most afraid of king spiders the most in the world, right?
Ah~it's a spider
What is it with spiders
It's not
You say it's not
It's not
It's a king spider!
King spider! King spider! King spider!
It's already like this, you still say it's not?
It's not, it's not, really
It's really you
Who exactly is that girl
The legendary half-man half-beast, his eyes have opened
Lee Seung Gi
Bae Suzy
Lee Sung Jae
Jo Sung Ha
Jung Hye Young
Yoo Yeon Seok
Lee Yu Bi
Sung Joon
Choi Jin Hyuk
Lee Yeon Hee
He has a dream of becoming a human
Don't worry, I'll protect you
If I can't avoid that person, what will happen to me
I've decided that there's no way I can avoid that fate/destiny


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