Trans of Miss Yoshimoto Banana’s novel “Shall We Love” on Seung Gi – 11th April 2013 (Chapter 1)

Just wanna say heaps of thanks to my dear friend for this quick link, can't thank you enough! ๐Ÿ™‚
Also, I wish to let all of you know that this is the translation for Part 1 of Chapter 1, the rest of Chapter 1 will probably be up by tonight.

Translated from Japanese to Chinese and shared by: weichunli1 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Shall We Love

Author: Yoshimoto Banana         Protagonist: Lee Seung Gi

I pretend to be a cold city man

With efforts to turn away and with strange words, I met you
This isn't a movie, I'm not that guy from that drama
Now, I can't treat you differently from how I feel
I like you, will you please listen to my honest heart?

I was single for such a long time, that I might be bad at dating
But, more than your ex-boyfriend,
More than any guy that you've met
I will love you the most

Shall we kiss?
I want to tell you sweet words like "I love you" every day
I need to be a man of courage
I really want you
Will you stay by my side?

Lyrics quoted from "Time for Love" by Lee Seung Gi
(Lyrics credit to:์—ฐ์• ์‹œ๋Œ€/)

This piece of writing, seems to be a very very long letter written to you
Written for you who occasionally appears and then disappears in my mind
Although: I'm thinking of you…but because I'm a guy, I can't always be thinking about you
Ah, although I'm also a guy who thinks about a woman everyday, but fortunately, I've got a job that I like.

Women often find that it's incredible that men are only thinking about work, but it will be like a dream, putting a woman whom we long for inside our own sacred palace, men are just like this.

In any case, the things I want to do are plenty, I will put in my utmost efforts, in order not to do things in a helter-skelter manner.
Completing the tasks ahead, one day passed by very quickly.

What should I do tomorrow? How can I do them well? How should I emote to sing even better? Can I act even better? As a MC, can I do a better job at hosting? How can I do it, so that I can help people, making everyone happy? However, I can't be too single-minded. From every posture, my nervousness will affect everyone, making people present anxious. Hence, I have to try to relax myself.
Just like this, t
hinking of various kinds of ways, time passed by.

Over here, there's no room for you to enter, you also know this. Besides, your job is the same as mine, it's also an unimaginable busyness. In reality, there's practically no time to meet.
Generally speaking, our relationship should be a very despairing one (laughs).

However, there's hope.
Up to now, I've experienced a lot.
It's as though I've met with a chain of sadness, I've also encountered many unbelievable special favours, it's just perfect every single time. This isn't possible, if this wind doesn't blow, if that car doesn't stop there, then a miracle won't happen…it's the lapse of one instant like this, everything will change very well, things like this have happened a few times.
I am watching you like this, so long as both parties intend to, there will come a day where change will happen.

I'm always like this, an optimistic guy.

~~~~~~Remaining of Chapter 1 to be continued~~~~~~


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