Trans of bits of info about ratings and ‘구가의 서’ – 24th April 2013

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Translated from Korean to Chinese by: 01合71 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu) via DCLSG
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/
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About the importance of ratings reaching 15%

Currently, in South Korea, the duration of the 10p.m. dramas is 70 minutes. As the guideline from Korea Broadcasting Advertising Corporation, the amount of commercial time can only account for about 10% of the duration of the drama, which is approximately 7 minutes. Therefore, the more commercials broadcast during this period of time and in accordance with the laws of the market, the price becomes higher. Usually, the cost of a 15 seconds commercial for the 10p.m. drama is approximately 11 to 12 million won. If the drama ratings goes over 15%, there can be an additional cost of 20%, it can even go up to 15 million won. Looking at the picture above, the current price is 13.485 million won, there's still room for growth/an increase. There's a need to emphasize that the reference point for broadcasting companies and advertisers are the ratings from Seoul. In addition, the cost of a commercial broadcast during the rerun is half of the live broadcast.


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