Trans of a news article ~ ‘구가의 서’ LSG, received praises because of solid acting – 30th April 2013

Source: OSEN via (Nate)
Shared and translated from Korean to Chinese by: 连名上书
(Lian Ming Shang Shu) from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

'구가의 서' Lee Seung Gi, received praises because of solid acting

Actor Lee Seung Gi has presented to the viewers a large range of emotional changes of a half-man half-beast.

Lee Seung Gi is currently acting in the Monday-Tuesday drama '구가의 서' as Choi Kang Chi, a half-man half-beast. When he discovered his own identity, he fell into a state of confusion. In episode 7 broadcast on 29th April, he came to know of the secret to his birth where his father was a guardian spirit and his mother was a human. During this period, because of suppression of his own beastly instinct and he was caught in (a state of) perplexed fury, he suffered a lot.

The tough look presented previously by Lee Seung Gi is now displaying "identity confusion" through performances of acting vexed. National younger brother Lee Seung Gi has started his full-fledged acting transformation.

In the broadcast of episode 7 on that day, Lee Seung Gi perfectly demonstrated Choi Kang Chi's incapability of suppressing his pained fury. The acting of expressions, the pronunciation for a historical drama and shouts and screams from the beastly outrage, he has perfectly presented his strengths. Lee Seung Gi's large range of emotional changes containing a dark sensitivity side has become the focus from its appearance in the drama. The fact that the character he's portraying is multilateral, it's also the truth that there were many difficulties during filming.

In addition, it's in a historical drama which is difficult to grasp where it's even harder for Lee Seung Gi to interpret this character. Through this character, Lee Seung Gi's internal acting skills have become evident.

Lee Seung Gi's outstanding acting has also not been able to avoid some of those who have always had unkind views towards singers-turned-actors. However, in his work this time, the viewers' overwhelming support for his acting dispelled those unkind views. Have to admit that it's Lee Seung Gi's such an excellent interpretation, hence resulting in this unique charismatic character Choi Kang Chi in '구가의 서'.

From now on, in '구가의 서', Choi Kang Chi and Lee Soon Shin's (acted by Yang Dong Geun) meeting is expected to cut into the (seeking of) revenge from Jo Kwan Woong (acted by Lee Sung Jae). There's always endless charm every single time, the overwhelming performance from Lee Seung Gi makes people anticipate even more.


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