Trans of a news article ~ “승기’s shadow is not seen in KangChi”…Actor 이승기’s growth curve -11/5/2013

There's quite a few baseball terms used in this article. I do play a few sports, just that baseball isn't 1 of them. ^_^ Hopefully, my translation is as accurate as can be.

Shared by: @Lsgairenint/
Reported by: Choi In Gyeong from Dispatch
Shared and translated from Korean to Chinese by: 连名上书
(Lian Ming Shang Shu) from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

"Seung Gi's shadow is not seen in Kang Chi" …Actor Lee Seung Gi's growth curve

A star's batting average (I think the reporter is using a baseball term here?) is life. It requires box office ratings to display a sense of presence. But for an actor, the on-base percentage is particularly important. (Another baseball term here it seems?) The ratings for every piece of work moves forward, striking a base hit. An unceasing recovery is the highlight of what an actor should possess.

Lee Seung Gi, this star. Hit a home run once he debuted. The 2 dramas which he starred in, 'The Famous Princesses' and 'Brilliant Legacy', had record ratings of above 40%. "Ratings guarantee cheque", "a trustworthy Seung Gi" and so on, were qualifiers arising from the continuous home runs since debut.

However, Lee Seung Gi wishes to become an actor's star. The next step will prove it. Does he become silent after getting 'shot' once or move forward little by little unceasingly, accumulating good evaluations. Although an 'earthquake' didn't occur from the ratings, but from first base to second base, second to third base, the range has widened.

In that way, Lee Seung Gi's five dramas have fulfilled 5 times of development. Desire, sensation, got hurt and in addition, rapid growth. Through 구가의 서, he has once again picked up a baseball and set a new milestone.

"Warm responses over and over again?"

In 2006, he debuted in "The Famous Princesses" on KBS2TV. The Lee Seung Gi at that time acted as cute Hwang Tae Ja. The debut at this time was very successful. He started 'exploding' from the first batting position. Of course, it probably could be that he wasn't the lead actor, he played a supporting role, therefore with a relaxed heart, he portrayed it excellently.

3 years later, he had officially taken on a lead role in SBS-TV's "Brilliant Legacy". "The level as a singer" was considered as quite good, it's the second time standing at a batting position. At this moment, Lee Seung Gi swung the bat to portray this character for the first time. Unexpectedly, "kind man Lee Seung Gi" transformed naturally to an "condescending man", Sun Woo Hwan.

In the end, he achieved success. "Brilliant Legacy" also surpassed the 40% ratings. Moreover, it also proved that he was a shining star. First of all, he widened his acting range. From being cold to affectionate, all kinds of personas eliminated the stress of transformation.

"Continuous growth"

In 2010, the growth from SBS-TV's 'My Girlfriend Is A Gumiho' and in 2012, MBC-TV's 'The King 2 Hearts'. Through these works, Lee Seung Gi learnt the truth of "There isn't a player greater than the team" as well as the importance of teamwork and on-site learning methods. After the dramas ended, he said, "My own ability is also important, but the most important is still the communication with the partner. This was one of the things I gained from the dramas.".

Furthermore, towards the characters set, he also took it up a notch. Actually, the characters previously constructed by Lee Seung Gi were somewhat flat. But as a king with overlapping venting of many kinds of emotions in 'The King 2 Hearts', he depicted a perfect sense of three-dimensional and layer.

"There is no Seung Gi, only Kang Chi"

In '구가의 서', he indeed doesn't look the same as before. A delicate change of feelings/psychological changes, even small cracks (I think to put it simply, the reporter is trying to say that Seung Gi is covering up his flaws in acting very well here, to the point of overflowing?)are tenaciously jam-packed. He presented a half-man half-beast (wanting) a sense of approval and identity confusion through the use of even richer emotions. In the end, he attained constant good evaluations of "a clear construction of a role that belongs only to himself".

This is the result of his own indefatigable hard work. Lee Seung Gi said, "The same script can have different interpretations. (I'm) not Seung Gi, but (I'm) Kang Chi, Kang Chi's feelings, I'm currently working hard in immersing in the character.".

To go further, he's also more seasoned towards the other party's leadership. Suppressing oneself in order to make the other party brighter, he came to understand about the unification (as in to combine his acting skills together with his partner's) of acting skills. Such an adjustment prioritises and leads in the central axis of the general direction. Providing a more convenient and comfortable working atmosphere for his partner Suzy, the maturity level of caring for her is also a gain (for him) from this drama.

"A reliable guy", as a matter of fact, this phrase is believed to be of the highest compliment for an actor's acting. His judgement and the works that Lee Seung Gi chose are very interesting ones. The recently mentioned "a trustworthy guy" is the most direct compliment for his acting. It now looks like it's justified to believe in Lee Seung Gi's acting.


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