Translation of a news article ~ Teacher’s Day treat from Seung Gi – 16th May 2013

Shared by: @Lsgairenint/
Source: (OSEN) via (Nate)
Translated from Korean to Chinese by:

Lee Seung Gi China Cafe (weibo) and golddean852 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Lee Seung Gi, 'Teacher's Day' gave his school a 'meat treat'

On Teacher's Day 15th May, Lee Seung Gi who is currently studying in the Graduate School of Digital Image and Contents of Dongguk University, treated 50 to 60 master's, doctorate students and lecturers to a meal in a barbecue restaurant at Yaksudong in Seoul. Because Lee Seung Gi was busy filming 구가의 서, he requested his manager to represent his sincerity. This idea was also suggested by Lee Seung Gi personally. A person present expressed that generally, there wasn't any Teacher's Day activity, didn't expect that there was such an activity for the first time because of Lee Seung Gi. They had eaten delicious food and his manager was present till the last guest left.


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