Trans of a news article ~ the things Seung Gi gained from 구가의 서 ~ 20th May 2013

Source: Dispatch via (Nate)
Photo credit: MBC
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: dlww1234 (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

"Now acting is very interesting…Lee Seung Gi, the things he gained from 구가의 서"

Seung Gi said he got the taste of acting. On the topic of his (crying) scene opposite Lee Soon Shin, he expressed, "Starting from rehearsals, I shed a lot of tears. It's the first time where I didn't care about the staff or actors and actresses around me. There's something burning bubbling up from the inside. Acting is really interesting.".

Yoo Dong Geun who worked together with him helped a lot. Lee Seung Gi explained, "Through the drama this time, I've once again felt the importance of the acting partner. Joining forces together, face to face and eyes to eyes, is what the director and writer cannot achieve. Senior Yoo Dong Geun dug out something from within me.".

Likewise, Yoo Dong Geun is also very satisfied to be working together with Lee Seung Gi. He said, "Even though it was very difficult, it couldn't be seen from Lee Seung Gi's face. He immerses in his acting very well. In a scene, the meeting between actors is very warm.".

The burden of leading the drama to move forward boosted his confidence. Lee Seung Gi said, "In my previous works, I only had to do a good job at my own parts, but it isn't so now. I had to take more initiative and thanks to everyone, I became more confident.".

Lee Seung Gi mentioned, "Because the other party (Suzy) has lesser experience, every collaboration process is very meaningful, the harmonisation with Suzy's acting is very sufficient. Previously, I was responsible to match with the seniors' preparations, this time we are creating it together, it's very interesting.".

Later on, Seung Gi chose love as the viewing point. He said, "You need to have enough communication with the other party for love. Yeo Wool's merit are her eyes. They are very good in containing the feeling for the other party. Think that starting from now on, there will be many sweet yet regretful stories.".

Lastly,  Lee Seung Gi emphasized on the message that the drama is relaying across. He said, "The story itself depicts human warmth, through the use of half-man half-beast material, presenting the true human life process. Please do observe relationships between people carefully.".


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