Seung Gi ~ News translation of 구가의 서’s top 3 BTS videos – 15th June 2013

Shared by: @Lsgairenint/
Source: imbc
Translated from Korean to Chinese and shared by: Airenfans from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/
Photos credit: Lee Seung Gi baidu

구가의 서 BTS video with the highest number of hits (1st) ~ 'Eye Contact with Lee Seung Gi', viewed over and over again

"Even more curious about BTS filming!"

MBC Monday-Tuesday drama '구가의 서' created the '구가의 서 fever', igniting an enthusiastic response. In this case, towards BTS, netizens became especially curious and this unusual phenomenon attracted people's interest.

As of 14th June, 구가의 서 official website revealed the top 3 BTS videos with the most number of hits.

1st place ~ Heodang eye contact, video of 'Kang Chi – half-man half-beast's transformation process' (Number of hits ~ 115,154)

Choi Kang Chi's (Lee Seung Gi) half-man half-beast's transformation process was the BTS video with the most number of hits. Kang Chi who thought that he was an ordinary person, was forced to remove his bracelet by the villain Jo Gwan Woong's minion, this was the video of his post half-man half-beast transformation.

In this video, Lee Seung Gi's half-man half-beast transformation process is fully revealed. The momentarily still scene of Lee Seung Gi's eye pupils caused jubilant cheers from the netizens.

2nd place ~ Immersion of emotions explosive! Video of 'Kang Chi's tear acting' (Number of hits ~ 80,123)

This video shows the scene where Kang Chi and Wol Ryung met for the first time. Kang Chi facing Wol Ryung who was strangling his neck, Wol Ryung threatened him to give up trying to be a human. Kang Chi replied, "Becoming a human is my dream." His swift immersion of emotions and continuous tear dripping touched the viewers, fully demonstrating his acting flexibility.

After his tear acting, he was like collapsing and he squatted down. Netizens gave red-hot responses after seeing the look of Lee Seung Gi calming his emotions down, posting one after another, exclaiming silent applause. At the same time, they hope to see more BTS videos on screen.

3rd place ~ Video of a 'wine drinking Kang Chi' (Number of hits ~ 64,844)

This video shows Chung Jo proposing a toast to Kang Chi, but on the other hand, it's hinting that a spell has been cast on Kang Chi. It included a scene of Lee Seung Gi drinking together with Ha Ji Won in 'The King 2 Hearts', touching his fans.

Although the rankings were based on the number of hits, however before the birth of famous acting skills, the sweat that the actors and crew have shed and hard work has nothing to do with the rankings, it can be said that all of the scenes are the best.


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