Bits of translation from Seung Gi’s interview from 新浪 (Xin Lang) via BNTNews China – 1st July 2013

Most of what has been written in this news article has already been shared, I'll just translate the parts which hasn't been posted yet. ^^

Shared by:佳念宇 (Jia Nian Yu) (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
                from 新浪 (Xin Lang)

                via BNTNews China
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Through '구가의 서', Lee Seung Gi gained further progress

~ Compared to modern dramas, there are many essential factors to take note of in sageuks, for example, way of expression, low or raised tone and dressing. Lee Seung Gi expressed, "During the filming of a sageuk, a long time is required to prepare the clothing and manner of dressing. And my body felt stressed because I wasn't able to sleep at home. The conveying of emotions is also stronger compared to modern dramas. Although filming was tiring, but it would be beneficial in the future. He added, "During the filming process, the most difficult part was the tone. For me who's familiar with modern dramas, it was hard to catch the sageuk's exact tone intensity. If I deliberately tried to emulate it, it turned to be even more awkward. Hence, after discussions with the director, we've decided to adjust and prioritise, correcting it gradually. The emotions in the eyes and expressions were in accordance to the script, conveying the emotions naturally.

~ Lee Seung Gi said, "In the past, I've never acted in a drama that's centred on one character, therefore I didn't feel the sense of responsibility too. I thought that it would be all right as long as I did well on my own parts. However, as the unfolding of story line revolves around me, I then understood that I couldn't just take care of myself. In order to highlight the partner's scenes, sometimes I'll have to give a corresponding response, I also had to analyse myself and my partner's expression of emotions.". He said appreciatively, "The lead needs to be patient and have a gracious heart.".

Compared to good looks, Lee Seung Gi places more emphasis on character

~ When questions of dating were asked, Lee Seung Gi expressed, "Wanting to date has always been on my mind. (laughs)". As for his ideal type, he mentioned, "In the past, the criteria of my ideal type changed every 2 years. I think everyone goes through a period where we place emphasis on looks, I'm no exception. But I've changed now. I used to stubbornly prefer pretty girls, but I've changed a lot now. I like girls who make people around her comfortable, someone who is radiant and has a bright personality. Before, I thought that it's all right if she's older than me by 10 years, but I think it's a little unsuitable now. An appropriate age gap is okay.".


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