Bit of trans from actress Lee Yu Bi’s interview~ “LSG is humorous & loves to joke” – 5th July 2013

Source: (
Translated from Korean to Chinese by: inskin05 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Question: 'Nice Guy' Song Joong Ki vs '구가의 서' Lee Seung Gi, your ideal type is?

Although just these 3 dramas (I've starred in) aren't everything from my acting experience, but I've worked with recent, extremely popular actors in these projects. Especially Song Joong Ki and Lee Seung Gi whom I've worked with in dramas, they're the "romance" among women. "Even if it's just a performance, would be there personal motives, who's closer to the ideal type and so on", whenever questions like these are asked, I will feel very nervous.

Wa…. it's a really tough question. Song Joong Ki is like a very handsome university senior, he's like that kind of person, that sort of senior, who is good looking and excellent in everything that he does. However, there's a feeling of being difficult to get close to. On the contrary, Lee Seung Gi has that kind of close friend feel, he's very humorous and also loves to joke. It's hard to choose my ideal type.


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