Trans of Miss Yoshimoto Banana’s novel “Shall We Love” on Seung Gi – 10th July 2013 (Chapter 4)

Translated from Japanese to Chinese and shared by: weichunli1 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/ (Please do refrain from reposting this, thank you. ^^)
Pics shared by: 菜虫虫dd (Cai Chong Chong dd) from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)

Shall We Love

Author: Yoshimoto Banana       Protagonist: Lee Seung Gi

I'm now still at home, being together with my family, it's the same as before, there isn't any change.
Even I personally can't believe that I've got a good relationship with my family.
Moreover, it's so good to the degree where I already feel a little nauseating.

When I was young, I often rebelled against my family, acted in a fit of pique and threw childish tantrums.
However, the time together with my family is very important now. Hence, there are times where (I wonder) whether it's because of this that I couldn't even have a girlfriend ah.

In South Korea, the culture of showing respect to the elders still remains. Therefore, when I go out together with my family, we pretend to ignore one another, so I'm very happy.
Eating the delicious food that my mother prepared, gathering with my family, watching movies, dramas, reading books, taking afternoon naps, reading the scripts and in order to have more hobbies, I'm still learning..
Suddenly, when I raised my head to look out of the window, it's already the summer sky in Seoul.

Compared to before, my home is already very spacious. It's really because I'm living together with my family that I'm able to live in such a home.
My parents are still young, we can chat together, travel together and my sister is also extremely cute.
How should I put it, in a certain sense, it can be said that nothing really changed now (as compared) to the times when I was little.
I like being together with my family. Really, I feel a little embarrassed to say this.
If I were to say this on a TV show, the host will definitely say, "You're boasting ah"

It's a life like this, without much change where sometimes I feel illusional.
On an afternoon where all living things are green, shall we take a stroll together? If I send you a text message, this wish will be fulfilled right away.
I'm putting on sports shoes, wearing a jacket, taking the lift down casually and meeting you at your favourite restaurant.

Dreaming of these, (but) I won't fall into self-pity.
I'm not that kind of weak guy. The staff around me have spent a lot of effort to protect me, there's even many others longing for a life like mine.
I'm thinking of it this way, if I could do that, then please take away all that I possess, giving all of it to everyone.

I'm not feigning to be well-behaved.
If I've got any ability, I'll use up all of them, throughout my life.
I also know that, because of these precisely, I'm at the preparatory phase right now.

I've met you some time back…even though I'm writing it this way, even though I've written it in the letter for you, it couldn't be revealed, I couldn't write all the details.
(I've) totally become like this, just like an entertainment machine.

You waved to me, smiled at me, although you were only gazing at me momentarily.
Just like a child, similar to a cat's eyes, I saw a lot of sadness in these eyes.
It's hard to figure out a woman's heart,  women also do such complicated stuff often. Furthermore, (they'll) forget their past lovers very quickly.
This, up to now, I also can't comprehend it.
Maybe I won't be able to understand it in my entire life.

Perhaps your expression merely (shows) reminiscence of me, even though it's a simple expression like this, but it stirred up waves of too-late-for-regret in my heart.

Even if it's just looking at mountains, looking at frozen rivers, looking at the sea emitting dazzling lights, seeing that the leaves on both sides of the roads have turned red from yellow in a flash.
In my eyes, your beauty will also overlap.
It's the first time I felt that this is love.

I've always wish that in my songs, attitude and actions, there will be something that will touch people.
Even if I'm not a celebrity, how can I do this.

The things that I wish to accomplish are too many. I'm interested in directing, I want to learn architecture too, engineering and so on.
I'm not saying that I can do everything. However, when I was still young, my soul has been caught by the profound arts.
When I first sang, I realised this suddenly.
I sang with my heart, I don't know when it was, songs affected/produced a change in my singing.
Often together with my company's director, lyricists and composers, looking into how a certain song should be sung, what kind of person and how it should be sung.
When I realised it, I've already become a song.

Singing and acting are very alike, it's to become another person.
But a little part of me is in this, my broken fragments can't be refrained from jumping out, echoing all over the place through sounds.

Ah! no matter what, I still like singing, regardless of exhausting periods, so long as I sing, I'm energetic all over.

However, I understand the reason as to why I like songs.
That is I really love songs.
I'm akin to a little bird, flying to the soul of songs, stepping on its shoulders, singing together. This is true.

~~~~~~To be continued~~~~~~


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