Seung Gi’s Esquire magazine interview – 24th July 2013 (Part 1)

I think this is quite interesting so in the meantime, I'll just share whatever I've finished translating. 🙂

Translated from Korean to Chinese by: @不上你 (@Bu Shang Ni) from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Pics shared by: dlww1234 + as tagged
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

In real life, it's not possible to always win. Perhaps, it's already beautiful enough that we've got the determination to win sometimes. There'll be rain, we'll also become sensitive. We'll also fall sick because of expired fast food products, becoming undisciplined. Being a good loser is also a strength. Lee Seung Gi understands the rules of the game. He's a victorious master. In private, he expresses this aspect even better. He doesn't cross over the happy, comfortable line. He knows the stuff that needs to be complied with, the stuff that ought to be complied with and being like this, he's just like a man. This was an advice that he got from his father, following it closely and realising it. Lee Seung Gi is the only person who can do this, at least (among those) in my life. Meeting him after 3 years, his jaw line is more pronounced, a half-human half-beast with even more sparkling eyes. Ah no, he's got superior genes of the appearance of an ideal person. Between men, I can feel even more of the strong scent (exuded by him).

"I often hear that Lee Seung Gi isn't manly enough. That became a form of mental stress. However, after
구가의 서 ended, I didn't exactly work hard deliberately and I'll also often hear that I'm very manly now. I really didn't do anything. Maybe this is a gift from time. Acting together with a young Suzy, at the same time, I've naturally presented the look of an oppa.".

The smell of Hawaii is also very exciting. I'm not sure whether these are the right words to describe the vitality of his suntanned bronze skin.

"It's the first time here in Hawaii. I often hear people around me raving about Hawaii so I'm very curious. If not for the shooting of Esquire, when will I be able to come here and take a look right? There's no wasted words. Thank you for letting my eyes see it and also thank you for the sudden question, for me to have a deep reflection. After the end of 구가의 서, there were similar words which had to be repeated countless times but that's because the drama was popular and the reporters paid attention to it, so I'm also very happy. 구가의 서 because of reruns and DMB (Believe that it stands for Digital Multimedia Broadcasting, here's the link for those who wish to learn more about it: and so on, the drama ratings was in a declining state during that period. At the end, the rating reached 19.5%, it's clearly a successful piece of work.".

"Although I'll be happier with higher figures, but talking about 구가의 서 with nothing to do about ratings, , it's very fortunate that there were many other aspects that became talking topics. Through this drama, it seems like I've become more unperturbed and humble.".

The Lee Seung Gi that I know, ah no, the Lee Seung Gi that the people know is the embodiment of humility!

"Actually, looking at the character, it's a piece of work that I feel the most confident about. Whether it's the amount of screen time or the advancement of the story, it's One Top with "Choi Kang Chi" portrayed by me. Under such circumstances, if it's in the past, I could only say "ah, thank you for letting me take on the lead role in such a huge drama". Apart from this, I'll not think of anything else. But the current me through this drama has learnt a lot about the necessary cooperation at the filming site, then a balance can be struck. There'll be stuff which needs to be lost, also in order for stuff to be presented. No matter what, because I'm the lead, changes in the atmosphere at the filming site will occur according to my pace. If I feel weary and moody, the pace of the filming will be affected.  This has allowed to recognise what TEAMWORK is.".

~~~~~~To be continued~~~~~~


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