Trans of Miss Yoshimoto Banana’s novel “Shall We Love” on Seung Gi – 11th September 2013 (Chapter 6)

Translated from Japanese to Chinese and shared by: weichunli1 from (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/ (Please do refrain from reposting this, thank you. ^^)

Shall We Love

Author: Yoshimoto Banana       Protagonist: Lee Seung Gi

The words that I wish to say are too many, but they're practically all words that are hard to be expressed face to face, in a lifetime.
If you appear in front of me, I wish to look at you from the sides all the time and that will be sufficient.
I'm a typical blood type B guy, unable to conceal my feelings. I'll only dash ahead blindly, I don't know how to use love tactics on girls, perhaps I'll also become one who looks very silly.
For me, there isn't any time for the implementation of love tactics and just like this, I'll admit defeat regretfully.
There were times where I also very much envied people who were able to date secretly, such stuff aren't suitable for me, there's no way about it.
I've got 2 good friends.
Have you seen a British movie "Shaun of the Dead"?

For those who wish to know about this movie, here's the link >
You don't watch movies on zombies?
The lead actor in this movie, he's got a friend who's beyond bad, there's a fiery kind of fate between them.
Our relationship is like this.
With their presence, it's as though I'm transported back to my teenage times. Sticking to one another playing together, they're just like a part of me.
It's akin to being together with my family, being brought back to my teenage years, a different kind of feeling. I'm the eldest son, I've more or less understood a little of the sense of responsibility since young.
However, when I'm together with them, I can have no sense of responsibility, be chatty, it's an undisguised me.
"Precisely you're with no sense of responsibility, a guy doing only what you wish to carry out and if it's not because of this, you would have been dejected, a guy who was not salvageable.".
They said it like this and at the same time, they would say, "You're great ah, it wasn't easy, fighting.".
They cared for me sincerely.
Life isn't something simple, it isn't even like a dream.
The things that can't be resolved in reality are many, they're many and complicated.
There's only 1 physical body and there's also only 1 spirit.
Moreover, there's only 24 hours in a day too. It's impossible to rest leisurely.
However, it's not hopeless.
Really, it's not hopeless.
The scenery on top of this mountain, the mountain which I've often mentioned about, of course I'm not referring to fame, rather the use of precious things from my heart, with my utmost effort accumulating it.
Such a scenery is then truly life.
Although I'm young, but I can say this assertively.
In the future, I'll definitely be…I still don't know when I'll be enlisting, I still wish to challenge action dramas and the unknown movies.
It's not just Korean movies but Hollywood ones too, Japanese movies are possible as well.
Over there, I wish to display even more of Asia's strengths and power.
I wish to let people in more countries know and for people living in even more places, I want to bring (them) warmth and encouragement.
No matter what, I want to give vitality to everyone.

~~~~~~To be continued ~~~~~~


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