Translation of a Chinese news article from appledaily ~ 13th September 2013

Source: appledaily via (Lee Seung Gi baidu)
Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/

Lee Seung Gi was defeated by Smelly Tofu, Era TV's anchor self-introduction knocked down (by Seung Gi)

South Korea's popular male celebrity, Lee Seung Gi, arrived in Taiwan this afternoon. The first thing on his schedule was having an exclusive interview with Era TV. This was also Lee Seung Gi's first-time exposure on a Taiwan news channel. Era TV has specially sent Wu Xuan Yi, an anchor who's proficient in Korean. She used fluent Korean to converse with Lee Seung Gi. At the same time, Lee Seung Gi also did what the natives did (Basically meaning in Rome, do what the Romans do and in this case, speak the language of the natives ^^), he specially learnt Chinese from anchor Wu Xuan Yi to wish the Taiwanese fans a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival in advance.

Coming to Taiwan this time, Lee Seung Gi especially missed the Xiao Long Bao which he didn't get to eat for a long time. Because the last time he came, he set a record of eating 7 baskets straight. Hence, anchor Wu Xuan Yi specially prepared Xiao Long Bao and when Lee Seung Gi saw the hot steaming Xiao Long Bao, he tasted it without any hesitation. He used Chinese to express that it was "Delicious". He even raised his thumb to compliment (its taste). What came up next was the most frightening Smelly Tofu. Firstly, he had a little hesitation towards the strong smell. After he took a bite, he immediately frowned. He didn't speak for a long time. He even drank water profusely and only said this, "Xiao Long Bao is still more delicious.". However, Lee Seung Gi unexpectedly had a good impression of Pig's Blood Cake (For those who wish know more about this food, here's the link > for his first experience. He mentioned that it's tastier than Smelly Tofu, but Xiao Long Bao was still the best.

Lee Seung Gi has worked together with many popular Korean female celebrities and (a question was asked on) who left the deepest impression on him? His answer was the female lead in "Gu Family book", Suzy. As for his impression of Taiwanese girls, he said that he like a girl who is tall and has a good figure. Era TV's anchor Wu Xuan Yi then asked wittily, "Do I fulfill those requirements?".  Lee Seung Gi looked at her, after a few seconds of silence, he burst out laughing, the anchor was knocked down! (Hehehe, I think it just means that without any answer from Seung Gi, it's implied the anchor doesn't fulfill his requirements? :D) When he was asked about which female Taiwanese celebrity he would like to collaborate with, among the likes of Lin Chi Ling (a Taiwanese model and actress), Ariel Lin Yi Cheng (a Taiwanese actress and singer), Jolin Tsai (Cai Yi Lin), Puff Guo Xue Fu (a Taiwanese actress and singer)? This question remained unanswered by him.


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