A sharing on how Seung Gi’s name came about ~ 15th September 2013

An Airen on twitter and I were curious how Seung Gi's name came about during the fan meeting in Taiwan last night, as in his Hangul and Hanja name. We really wanted to learn about this. Hence, I asked my friend who had the knowledge about this and both of us wish to share this with all Airens. Here you go Airens ^^ ~

Source: @elisem1902

Since Seung Gi has just finished his fan meeting in Taiwan, I thought I'd share with fellow Airens his Korean name in hanja, which is Korean for Chinese characters. All Koreans have Chinese characters behind their Korean name. Parents usually bestow a name that they hope their child will embody. Lee Seung Gi's name in hanja is: 李昇基 The first character on your left stands for Lee or in Hangul, 이. It means plum tree in Chinese characters. It is also a common family surname in Korea. Lees have many clans in Korea so if two Koreans with the same Lee meet, they ask each other which clan they come from. If memory serves me right, I believe Seung Gi said on 1Night2Days that he came from the Cheonju Lee clan. Admiral Yi Soon Shin who was a character in the Gu Family Book was from the Deoksu Lee Clan. …

The second character in the middle is Seung or in Hangul, 승. Seung Gi's hanja for this part of his name means rising, or elevating. The upper character represents the sun, and one of the meanings of this character is "the sun rising".

The third character on your right is Gi or in Hangul, 기. Seung Gi's hanja for this part of his name stands for foundation.

Seung Gi's first name would then mean "rising from a firm foundation."

In Chinese, Lee Seung Gi's name is pronounced lǐ shēng jī

In Korean, 이승기 is his name spelled in Hangul, which is based on phoentics, not meaning like Chinese characters. It would be pronounced phoentically as Yi Seung Gi. There is no L in the Korean alphabet, but it is common to see 이 spelled in English with an L as in Lee or a Y, which has a more accurate pronunciation in Korean. The L in his last name is silent.

Many people who are new Airens do not know the correct Chinese spelling of his Korean name. Sometimes, they use a different hanja for the Seung part of his name, 勝 , which means victory. The media in many Asian countries including Korea also spell his name incorrectly 李勝基 when it should be 李昇基. Hook entertainment released a statement regarding the correct Chinese version of his name a while ago after Seung Gi started to become more active in Asia.


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