Translation of a Japanese news article from @Kkorepo ~ 31st August 2013

Just wish to say heaps of thanks to @elisem1902 for sharing once again! šŸ™‚

Source: @Kkorepo >
Translated from Japanese to English by: @elisem1902

[Newsflash] Handsome Lee Seung Gi [Summer Show in Universal Studios Japan (R)] opens!

A singer and an actor who has a broad fan base, fans have been waiting for Lee Seung Gi's August 31's Saturday concert. The concert at Universal Studios Japan (R), called [Summer Show 2013 in Universal Studios Japan(R)] opened.
Lee Seung Gi said that had wanted to come to Osaka but couldn't even if he wanted to because he didn't have the time. This time, he had the chance to have an exclusive show and it was very fun. He wore a suit and necktie at the show and had debuted with the song, Because You're My Woman. When he appeared onstage, fans cheered and screamed to welcome him. It's been 2 years since he was in Osaka. He told the audience that he was nervous but would do his best.

He said, "Yesterday was raining, but because I'm an optimistic person, I had a good time because it felt good to be singing since morning." Without him knowing, he sincerely and honestly expressed himself to the audience. He played the guitar and communicated with the audience. The singer turned multientertainer had a good time with his fans.

He will be back in October, since his June, 2012 performance at the Budokan [Lee Seung Gi Japan Live 2013], it's been one year and four months since his performance there. He is planning to hold a show based his song "Shall We Date?" The theme will be based on his album, Love Time. Lee Seung Gi's drama, The Gu Family Book will be airing on KNTV in September. More information will be released at a later date.


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