Video translation of Seung Gi’s interview with Era TV in Taiwan ~ 13th September 2013

Korean to English translations by: @elisem1902
Video credit: 年代新聞 on YouTube

Note: the –shi at the end of Seung Gi’s name is a formal way of calling someone by their first name in Korean.
Interviewer: Seung Gi-shi, hello.
Seung Gi: Yes, hello, it's nice to meet you.
Interviewer: My name is Xuan Yi. Please, first please greet the viewers.
Seung Gi: (In Chinese) Hello everyone. I'm Lee Seung Gi. I'm so glad to see you here once again and it's so nice to meet you. Yeah. Thank you.
Interviewer: Seung Gi-shi, how does it feel to be in Taiwan this time?
Seung Gi: I'm very, very thankful for being able to meet again. I'm always thankful to my Taiwanese fans who cheer me on from a far-away place that can’t be seen.
Interviewer: What is your deepest impression of Taiwan?
Seung Gi: To begin with, the people of Taiwan are very friendly. Also, as soon as I came out (of the airport) some members of the press were taking pictures so it was very refreshing and I asked myself, "Am I really a star?" (Laughs)
Interviewer: Seung Gi-shi, what is your most favorite food in Taiwan?
Seung Gi: It would have to be Xiaolongbao (laughs)
Interviewer: Here it is! We have prepared Xiaolongbao from the most famous place in Taiwan. Please have some.
Seung Gi: Do I eat it now? Right now? Yah(meaning wow), I was planning to eat this for dinner.
Interviewer: How is the taste?
Seung Gi: Mmmmmmmm.
Interviewer: Is it delicious?
Seung Gi: Good, delicious (in Chinese)
Interviewer: This is tofu. It has a smell and it is delicious. Please try some.
Seung Gi: (laughs uncomfortably) Now? I have to eat dinner…
Interviewer: How is it? This is Taiwanese kimchi. Please have some. If you eat them together, it is delicious. When you eat them together.
Seung Gi: I have to eat them together? Okay.
Interviewer: How is it? How is it? How is the taste?
Seung Gi: Xiaolongbao
Interviewer: This is similar to Korea's soondae. It is pig's blood and rice.
Seung Gi: Mmmmmmm…delicious (in Chinese), it is better.
Interviewer: talks about the 4 actresses he has worked with and asks him to pick one person who has left the deepest impression on him.
Seung Gi: Ah, since they are all very popular female actresses in Korea, it is rather difficult to pick one person. But still, I would choose the most recent actress that I worked with on The Gu Family Book, Suzy.
Interviewer: Why? What is the reason?
Seung Gi: The reason is because she is the most recent (laughs)
Interviewer: What do you think of Taiwanese women? Do you like them?
Seung Gi: Of course. A well, you're tall….(looking uncomfortable)
After teaching Seung Gi how to say happy mid autumn festival in Chinese, the interviewer says "Oppa, daebak!" meaning, "Oppa, you're awesome!"
Interviewer: Thank you very much Seung Gi-shi
Seung Gi: Thank you
Interviewer: The next time you have time, please come to Taiwan again.
Seung Gi: Yes, thank you.

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