~Another version of trans~ Seung Gi in Miss Yoshimoto Banana’s novel “Shall We Fall in Love?” (Chp 1) – 11th April 2013

My dear friend and I saw this lovely translation for all 7 chapters of Ms Yoshimoto Banana’s novel from LSG baidu, I’ve managed to complete chapter 1, so I just wanted to share with everyone another version of translation.

As for the rest of the chapters, I’ll try to do them whenever I can in the future.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading this version as much as I enjoyed translating it. ^_^

Translated from Japanese to Chinese by: nanako210 from Lee Seung Gi baidu

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/speciallyforlsg.wordpress.com

Shall We Fall In Love?

Author: Yoshimoto Banana                   Protagonist: Lee Seung Gi

I pretend to be a cold city man

With efforts to turn away and with strange words, I met you
This isn’t a movie, I’m not that guy from that drama
Now, I can’t treat you differently from how I feel
I like you, will you please listen to my honest heart?

I was single for such a long time, that I might be bad at dating
But, more than your ex-boyfriend,
More than any guy that you’ve met
I will love you the most

Shall we kiss?
I want to tell you sweet words like “I love you” every day
I need to be a man of courage
I really want you
Will you stay by my side?

Lyrics quoted from “Time for Love” by Lee Seung Gi
(Lyrics credit to: pop!gasa)

When you see this piece of writing, perhaps you might think that it’s only a very, very long ordinary letter.
But do you know this? The person in my letter is actually you who surfaces in my mind but yet vanishes quickly.
When I think of you….although I’m saying it like this, but I’m also not thinking of you all the time, I’m a responsible man after all.
However, there are indeed guys whose minds are preoccupied with girls, I’m very glad that I’m the kind who is fond of my work.

In actual fact, guys are such species, although the majority puts importance on their careers, but at the same time, in a certain corner deep in our hearts, for our love lives, we will also construct a colourful and fantasy-filled palace, I think women often find that this aspect (of ours) is incredible right.

In short, the things I need to do are plentiful, just to finish these stuff fastidiously, already consumes all of my energy.
And during this process of consumption (of my energy) to carry out the tasks, unknowingly one day passed by quickly.

Basically, the train of thoughts in my mind, almost all of them revolve around work. What should I do tomorrow? What kind of method should I use to finish it? How should I infuse emotions to make the songs more touching? How should I act to make it more convincing? When I’m an emcee, can I lead the show perfectly? And (how can I) make everyone finish their tasks under a relaxing and happy atmosphere at the filming site? Anyway, even if I tried to improve by reflecting on these questions, but I also shouldn’t do it too deliberately. Because a tiny movement might reveal my nervousness and in this way, the entire crew at the filming site might feel tense along with me too. Hence, no matter when or where I am, I will need to relax myself unconditionally.

Thinking of stuff just like this, while thoughts were swirling, time also slipped by unmercifully.

Perhaps because of this, you’re unable to be involved in my world temporarily. Actually, you have the same thinking too right. After all, you’re also in the same industry, your degree of busyness is even no lesser than mine. Looking at it physically, there is simply no time for both of us to meet.

Both of us being like this (meaning both of them have busy schedules), if we wish to have some progress, to put it simply, it’s just two words — hopeless (laughs).

However, there is always hope in this world.

So far, I have also experienced many things.

Whether it’s a chain of unfortunate matters that makes me feel the precipice of sadness or it seems like I’ve been showered with so many blessings of fortune, so much so that everything becomes smooth sailing. But because of certain unfortunate issues, these are stuff which I have witnessed quite a few times personally. Often, people thought that such incidents won’t happen, but because of a certain tiny misfortune—For example, if there wasn’t a gust of wind at that time, if that person didn’t spill the drink then, if that car wasn’t parked there at that time—there would have been the arrival of a miracle. Turning crises into opportunities are unbelievable things, I’ve also seen it a few times with my own eyes.

Therefore, for our relationship, I also wish to regard it with positive thinking.

As long as both parties are interested in each other, there will come a day where the impasse will be broken through.

I am a naturally positive person.

Nonetheless, no matter how optimistic I am, there are pessimistic moments too.

I started writing this letter because, when I was in Osaka, Japan for a shoot, a small hotel incidentally dawned upon this idea (on me). Although I was surrounded by my colleagues at that time, however after their happy chat mingled with wine, it was unfathomable as to why I plunged into endless loneliness.

At that time, for me, a privileged environment, lovely family, the smiles from my colleagues no longer carried any meaning, I only wished to see you very, very much.

Such crazy longing, I almost could not control the urge to pick up a pillow and punch it as hard as I can against the wall. Such crazy longing, made me feel that if there wasn’t someone hugging me straightaway, it seemed as though I would collapse immediately…really felt very lonely ah.

On the streets of Osaka on a weekend night, they were filled with carefree lovers in search of fun/happiness, the moments where I brushed past the crowds, every single person’s face reflected a bright smile totally. In comparison, it’s even more unbearable for me who was all alone in a foreign land and under a physically and mentally exhausted condition, I could only walk and drag my luggage along in silence.

Later, I suddenly thought of the next step in the drama filming process, I guess when the times comes, it will be so hectic that I’ll be sleep-deprived. If I wish to see you, it will be even more difficult, I understand all of this too.

However, I’ve reached the terminal point of my patience, hence I don’t care about anything else anymore! After returning to my country, I want to confess to you immediately. Even though the revealing of this relationship might create a huge uproar, it doesn’t matter to me anymore. Even if the result of my confession is rejection or even if my Director gets mad or fans get upset, they don’t matter anymore!

Just like this, among these perplexing thoughts, after I finished throwing my tantrum on an imaginary person, I eventually fell into a deep sleep. However, when I was roused from my sleep abruptly in the middle of the night, like before, there was only a room filled with loneliness accompanying me.

Thus, I picked up the note paper placed at my bedside, I wrote your name very clearly on it…

And then I tore it into shreds, threw them away.

Because I couldn’t let anyone see it.

Next, I started penning this long letter for you.

To me, your presence is akin to my pillar of strength.

Hence, all the more in this piece of writing, I shouldn’t describe my feelings for you in a way that’s completely undisguised.

As a precautionary measure, for the important bits, I deliberately swept over them with a vague writing style and the outcome is, even if others see it, they also won’t discover that the person I’m writing about is you and the extent of my liking for you.

Perhaps you would laugh and say, “Then what exactly is this letter for?”.

It’s merely a letter, why is there a need for such consuming efforts? It’s indeed tiring for intelligent people, if it was me, I probably wouldn’t have mulled over it that much. And therefore, I always did a whole bunch of silly stuff. But it doesn’t mean that I’m mocking you when I’m saying it like this, because this smartness allowed you to obtain such a present achievement. I feel that this is your most admirable aspect.

I think you’ll definitely give me such an answer and after that, forgive me for such thoughts!

Then for the time being, please forgive me, because presently, I can only use such a method to express my feelings for you.

~~~~~~To be continued~~~~~~


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