~Trans~ Japanese fans’ messages left on hanrize’s blog – 10th October 2013

There were actually quite many messages left on hanrize’s blog by Japanese Airens, talking about how much they’ve enjoyed Seung Gi’s concert. I’ll just translate the more interesting messages. Here they go 🙂 ~ 

Translated from Japanese to Chinese by: nanako210 from Lee Seung Gi baidu

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/speciallyforlsg.wordpress.com

First of all, I wish to say this to Seung Gi, thank you for bringing us such an awesome concert, it’s really very, very brilliant. For this day, Seung Gi has definitely prepared and practised lots! Before the concert, although there was an endless state of commotion among everyone because of Seung Gi’s hairstyle, but after tonight, the hair commotion and everything else were completely forgotten. With the accompaniment of the violin when singing ‘Invitation to Me’, it’s really so touching. I nearly had goosebumps, therefore unrestrainedly, I also shouted quite a few times; “Seung Gi ah~You’re the best!”.

For the concert this time, I attended it together who’s a Korean drama lover, when we parted ways and returned our own homes, she sent this message to me, “I feel like I’m going to become Seung Gi’s fan soon.”. It looks like through this concert, Seung Gi’s fans should have increased by quite a lot!


The concert was really too awesome, too awesome. For me who hasn’t been to South Korea, since there’s no harm, I couldn’t refrain from starting on a crusade to attend the Seoul concert this year.

The Seung Gi tonight was really too handsome, he looked totally different when I saw him at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Without a doubt, the song arrangement was also quite perfect, especially when he sang ‘Invitation to Me’, I was already moved to tears. Because of this great concert, seems like I will have a good dream tonight! This matter of liking Seung Gi, will indeed make people become more and more addictive to it~


Seung Gi’s concert, I can only use the word ‘awesome’ to describe it. In addition, he sang many of the songs that I like, they made me incredibly touched. Therefore, I wish to say, “Seung Gi~thank you, I’ve got lots of strength from you.”.

Although I’m in the hotel now, but I’m still relishing in the aftertaste of the concert. Though I’m saying that it’s my first time seeing Seung Gi, but true enough, he’s as mesmerising as his legendary handsomeness. My mother who attended the concert with me, was pleasantly surprised by Seung Gi’s astonishing vocal prowess. Anyway, I spent an extremely happy time together with my mother, I think probably for a long time, I’ll always be like this, deeply immersing in the memories of the concert.

This time, i was smart enough to don flat sandals to attend the concert, so I could sway along to the rhythm of the music to my heart’s desire. A short-haired Seung Gi is really too manly, he’s simply so handsome that I can’t pay with my life. However, the Seung Gi in the video was nonetheless so cute that it’s unrivalled, the contrast between these two sides was simply too adorable! In addition, for a concert, its awesomeness leaves no room for nitpicking, he has really presented the best, the most superb stage. Tonight’s happy atmosphere will accompany me to my sleep, good night everyone.

Hello everyone! Fans have mentioned that this concert was truly very, very awesome, my friends who went along with me were also very satisfied. The hairstyle and everything, there’s absolutely no need to think about such stuff, because a moving Seung Gi was too handsome! Moreover, on our way home in the trolleybus, the few of us also were in an enthusiastic discussion, everyone said that they wished to go for the Seoul concert. I think that when the time comes, a big group might just form, because at least right now, there’s 5 of us who are confirmed going.

This dream-like concert really brought me so much satisfaction, when I heard this song ‘Invitation to Me’, I was so enthralled, so much so that I forgot to move my light stick. I could only listen attentively to Seung Gi’s song, holding in my tears. While watching the video being played on the big screen, in my heart, I still found that I preferred the hairstyle from the other time. Nevertheless, today’s hairstyle was actually quite nice, felt like he’s brimming with manliness. Anyway, for the concert this time, I was completely revelling in Seung Gi’s singing world. I reckon this should be the so-called “pure bliss and joy”.


Tonight’s concert was really super awesome, although at the beginning, I was still doubtful about Seung Gi’s hairstyle but once he started singing, I was completely smitten with his voice. And then I started going, “Seung Gi ah~~”, “Oppa ah~~”, screaming wildly. Ah~~for the time being, it looks like I’m unable to stop being a fan~

The concert was simply too splendid, even when I returned to the hotel and laid down on bed, i still couldn’t help but recall every little bit of the concert. In addition, I’ve always found that I’m bothered about the hairstyle issue and it was also when it was half way through the first song, I started thinking that (Seung Gi) was getting sexy. And later on, I didn’t know how, my heart started thumping wildly…I think everyone should also feel the same way as me. When I first knew that my seat was on the second level, I was indeed feeling down for a while. Looking at it retrospectively now, I was really too foolish, because the awesomeness of the concert has totally nothing to do with the seat.


One thought on “~Trans~ Japanese fans’ messages left on hanrize’s blog – 10th October 2013

  1. LoL, they all had something to say about the hairstyle xD
    I found your blof lately, and I really love it, I hope you update more, tho it’s been almost two years since you last updated ^^

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