~Trans~ Seung Gi’s Interview in a Japanese Magazine, Hanako – 8th November 2013

Source: Japanese magazine – Hanako

Translated from Japanese to Chinese by: jtsgrm from Lee Seung Gi baidu

Translated from Chinese to English by: @YulingSG/speciallyforlsg.wordpress.com

For easier reference, I’m using the following colours to denote the parts for Seung Gi, Miss Yoshimoto Banana and Reporter ~

Seung Gi – Blue

Miss Yoshimoto Banana – Magenta

Reporter – Green

Part 1

An author and a star, a miraculous kind of encounter, a collision which created a gem-like photo book style of love story.

Let us recollect a little together with Miss Yoshimoto and Lee Seung Gi, a famous Japanese author who reconnoitered a brimful-with-talent Korean star’s heart and wrote the entire process of a pure love story which made people feel heart-broken and heartache.

Reporter: I heard that Miss Banana and Seung Gi’s encounter was because of ‘Brilliant Legacy’, an exceptionally explosive drama which Seung Gi starred in?

Miss Banana: Yes, it was. I’m Seung Gi’s faithful fan. I use simple words like “Hallyu star” and “fan” and with indescribable feelings, watching over and supporting Seung Gi. Seung Gi is just like a benefactor to me.

Seung Gi: (Giving an embarrassed expression) benefactor (It’s such an honour)…

Miss Banana: Last year, my parents passed away closely one after the other….Because the nature of my job is similar to my father’s, it made me feel even more of the pain of a lost soul, it was so immense to the extent that I begun to dread living. Then at that time, I came to know about Seung Gi’s existence, I knew that although he’s young, he lives in such a lofty manner. My courage to carry on living begun from here.

Seung Gi: After I’ve heard about what happened to Miss Yoshimoto Banana’s parents, I felt extremely sorry. It’s really very fortunate that drama could help a little!

Miss Banana: I was deeply moved, I was excited. To my surprise, there’s an actor like Seung Gi on earth, who could vividly and perfectly express the beauty of the root of human existence to us. Unknowingly, I’ve already started writing to Seung Gi, sending over my feelings. Later on, I heard that Seung Gi was very happy….

Seung Gi: Yes, I was. Holding the letter in my hands, I totally couldn’t believe a world famous author was actually my fan. Morever, in the letter, also attached in the letter was a profound note, containing feelings of ‘could not but help loving my acting and songs’. There were also photos of drama filming locations. A deep understanding of me was permeated between the lines, I was really extremely touched by this.

Part 2

Let me release a world that exists deep in my heart but yet undiscovered by myself.

Reporter: Because a miraculous kind of encounter like this gave birth to “Shall We Fall In Love?” and through a (writing) letter style, it leaves a deep impression on readers. It gives the feeling that Seung Gi is releasing his inner world intermittently..

Seung Gi: Whether it’s feelings for “you” this imaginary character or the gratitude towards my family, every portion is quite realistic, it made me confused as to whether these are thoughts from the “me” in the book or my thoughts in this actual society.

Miss Banana: It was very easy to capture Seung Gi’s inner world. Because before I started writing, through previous rigorous interviews and with what I’ve gathered from the people around Seung Gi, I’ve obtained a large amount of information. With Seung Gi as the original protagonist, he should have this kind of worries, he should be wishing for this type of relationship and so on. During the interviews, the image of the protagonist became increasingly clearer.

Seung Gi: As I read through the book, I’ve felt this similarity – “Seems like I’ve got this aspect of myself”. I’ve also had such a shock – “So actually, this aspect of me has been evaluated by people”. That was perhaps another side which I’ve not personally realised yet…In real life, there simply isn’t any leisure time to savour a little, to look back at the path that I’ve taken. Through the novel, I’m able to understand myself a little, it’s really a precious experience. It’s also thanks to Miss Yoshimoto Banana that I was able to gain this.

Reporter: In the novel, although the protagonist was fortunate to meet a woman by chance whom seemed to be like someone he wanted to protect, however, because of his own celebrity’s status, he didn’t have the courage to face her. The love story of two of them, how will it develop?

Seung Gi: I hope that it develops well. If my life is an ordinary one, I also wish that my feelings at this very moment are the romantic (kind). I believe more in the fantasy world of love.

Part 3

It’s precisely because of the disparity from my ideal type, I’ll become even more easily attracted

Miss Banana: After the novel gradually took shape, I appended a reply letter from “her”. Just now, although I’ve mentioned that it was easier to capture Seung Gi’s inner world, but it was painstaking (to create) the model of “She” character. On one hand, maybe this female protagonist is the type whose feelings aren’t leaked out easily. Although she looks pretty,  however at a glance, she’s the kind where (we) don’t know what she’s thinking about, she doesn’t have many friends and so much so that when they’re together, others will ask (her), “Are you angry?”.

Seung Gi: By nature, I prefer a girl who’s cheerful and has many friends. However, precisely she’s the complete opposite from my ideal type, maybe I’ll be attracted even more easily after we meet.

Miss Banana: On the other hand, nevertheless, after being well-acquainted, she’ll be able to treat people with all smiles, the kind who’s attractive….

Seung Gi: In reality, love shouldn’t be just because she’s my ideal type, then it becomes very easy to fall in love (with her). Breaking up after being in love and then falling in love with others, this kind is merely where the opposite party is constantly changing, a guy whose way of loving is constant exists. However, I rather hope to cherish that unique love relationship between my loved one and I. Thus, the worries of the protagonist, I can also relate to them deeply.

Miss Banana: That’s great. There’s isn’t much disparity between the inner world of the protagonist and Seung Gi…

Part 4

Wish to record down Seung Gi’s everything, hence the motivation to start writing occurred

Reporter: The novel narrated about the protagonist, although he possessed the desire to live like an ordinary person, but because of his own identity as a celebrity, he had the loneliness of not being able to persist despite what others may say. At the same time, he also had to share his happiness with many people (fans). This kind of complex emotions, Seung Gi should be worrying (about them) everyday right?

Seung Gi: When I stayed in the hotel rooms when filming overseas, there was a similar kind of loneliness sometimes. However, I’m the sort of person who would feel sleepy easily once I start thinking of complicated matters (laughs). Even when the director of my company criticised my inadequateness, I was still able to sleep and this incurred a more severe berating. It’s also perhaps during work, I’ve racked my brains to reflect, working diligently. When facing my increasing personal worries, I’ll then adopt the sleep-over-them method..It’s not saying that by sleeping over them, the problems will be solved, but at least it allows me to change the “power switch” a little.

Miss Banana: As an author, every single day of mine is also extremely busy, I can very much understand how Seung Gi feels. Along the way, Seung Gi who went straight up to the skies to reach the throne of a star, it’s akin to the hitting drills/practice during baseball practice. To cope with work that comes one after another is already a little strenuous, there’s absolutely no time to talk about reflecting a little about what I’m doing exactly right?

The kind of work that Seung Gi has done, how he has touched people’s hearts, how he has motivated people to do better…

I just wish to record down this kind of Seung Gi, hence there was the motivation to write the novel.

Seung Gi: Really, no matter which part I read, there’s this amazing realisation towards the deep understanding that Miss Yoshimoto Banana has of me. Regarding this, I find it extremely unimaginable. In addition, the protagonist is more handsome than the real me, out of the ordinary.

Miss Banana: In order for readers to be immersed in the romantic feelings, I added a little princely demeanor.

Seung Gi: For me who is developing in showbiz, towards my company colleagues who have been supporting me all along, my family, friends and of course my fans, in my heart, I’ve always been grateful and had infinite love. I’m extremely thankful to Miss Yoshimoto Banana! It is for this love to remain in my heart forever and at the same time, unearth and record a world that exists deep in my heart which is yet undiscovered by myself.

Miss Banana: If I’m to say, Seung Gi hasn’t come to realise his own extra-ordinariness. While a normal artiste is expressing a scene, if he/she is able to use 10 methods, then Seung Gi is able to use 100 methods or even 1000 methods to express it. Because Seung Gi possesses innate treasures, so I was able to write (the novel). Other artistes definitely can’t do it.

Seung Gi: The 20-year-old me can always be found in the book, then what kind of thoughts will the 40-year-old me have when reading about the 20-year-old self?


Seung Gi’s fashion sense during the interview ~

Louis Vuitton:

knitted jacket – 264, 600 ¥

button sweater – 130, 200 ¥

shirt – 21, 000 ¥

pants – 94, 500 ¥

Total: 510, 300 ¥ (Approximately USD $5146 or SGD $6418 using xe currency converter app)


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